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Future Ahead With PHP

By |October 27, 2009 January 29th, 2022No Comments

PHP is the most user friendly programming language widely used by almost every user in the world wide web and is still being developed for improvised uses. While originally invented and referred to as personal home page in simple terms, it is a programming model based on JAVA and C+ with a wider advantage in creating dynamic web pages. The modern day websites use plenty of hardware and software resources to be as advanced as a standalone application. Rather than being pages created to display content alone, web pages are more interactive which where the PHP comes in providing user friendly deployment of rich user interface. Improved plug-in like Shockwave, Flash or Silver light can be embedded into a PHP programmed webpage for it enables the creation in web servers as well as web sites. It usually comes bundled with the Linux, SQL or Apache. With futuristic development of latest operating systems that enables touch screen interface and apps that are far more advanced, PHP provides the best platform to enhance, improvise and add feature rich pages for the upcoming future.


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