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Glimpses of DCKAP

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DCKAP is a leading global technology services company that provides a complete range of Information Technology services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. We specialize in increasing the ability of individuals and organizations to be more effective and productive with their IT infrastructure.

Our focus and priorities are considerably different from our competition. They include

  • Innovation- DCKAP is known for its innovative ways of problem solving. This involves developing new ideas, concepts, approaches that will result in low cost, fixed timelines and hence delivering results which can be measurable by clients
  • Big picture in mind- Having worked with clients from across the globe, we know what it takes to deliver and meet client expectations
  • Customization- No one model fits all clients. So our experience helps us figure what changes needs to be done to suit each client. No two clients are the same.
  • Success at fixed/lowest price- We ensure project success at a fixed price, which means we share all risks and benefits with the client on a mutual basis
  • Onshore/ Offshore delivery model taking care of time difference- Working on a global delivery model this ensures we work as per clients convenience hence eliminating the time difference barrier
  • Ever jubilant work force- With a dedicated team of resources, we have always worked on making the client happy at all costs
  • Trust our clients have in us- We have always worked on providing clients what they need and when they need and also being proactive about their future needs. This only entrusts our relationship with clients
  • Project Management skills- We follow stringent project management skills for all projects to ensure the best output is delivered at all times and also playing by the rules of the game
  • Vast experience in major open source technologies- We have always kept all our resources update with all the latest developments in major open source technologies so that they are well equipped to face all issues which they might come across when dealing with real time projects
  • Infrastructure- With state-of-the-art offshore development centre, DCKAP is well equipped to face all kinds of projects

Our service offerings span open source implementations, web 2.0, software testing, technology consulting, application services, systems integration, custom software development, maintenance, business process re-engineering, electronic publishing, game programming, IT infrastructure services, business process outsourcing among others.


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