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Global Summit on the Significance of Entrepreneurship

By |March 4, 2013 January 30th, 2022No Comments

GKM College of Engineering and Technology (GKMCET) in association with its Alumni Association and Entrepreneurship Development Cell is conducting GKMCET Global Entrepreneurship Summit ’13 on the 4th and 5th of March 2013. It is announced that Karthik Chidambaram will be the Guest Speaker of the Summit. Karthik Chidambaram, best known as the Founder and CEO of DCKAP Inc. will be sharing his thoughts on entrepreneurship and his experiences with the young audience.

In today’s competitive world interpreting the importance of Entrepreneurship and the relevance this word has on the technologically advancing world is highly important. An Entrepreneur’s role cannot be simply defined as organizing and operating a business. There is a myriad of intricate tasks involved in operating a business which an entrepreneur has to execute with wisdom and vision in order to sculpt a flourishing business.

Today’s generation needs a forum which can channel its innovative minds in the right direction so that their ideas and hard work can be polished to make the world a better place. Everyone knows that the future is in the hands of the students of today and to guide them into a better tomorrow GKMCET has organized a Global Entrepreneurship Summit. This Summit consists of enriched sessions where every attendee can imbibe valuable information which can drive them to becoming the next big entrepreneur of the country.

With each session filled with excitement and information audiences will be filled with fun and information. Audiences can participate in the competitions and can win exciting prizes. Such summits are rare occasions where one can get enhanced with knowledge which can take them to better places and this Global Entrepreneurship Summit ’13 is one not to be missed. To know more about the summit,

See the full album of GKMCET Global Entrepreneurship Summit ’13  Click here


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