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Grow your Shopify Store with vizB

Vidhiya E
October 25, 2021 |
boost your shopify store

vizB Analytics for e-commerce provides built-in data dashboards. It helps the store owners understand how their store business is performing and improve sales and ROI.

Important parts of vizB Analytics

  1. Sales with the respective location

Know which location your products are selling more and target the respective loyal and potential customers from that location to boost your sales.

  1. Sales by Year, Month, Day, Session

Get to know in which month, some specific days, and the time period where your products move in peak and plan your offer sales accordingly to earn more profit.

  1. CLV- Customer Lifetime Value

Our tool will let you know each and every customer’s lifetime value by analyzing the transaction, activities, profits made by them So that you can invest your time in increasing the profits from them.

4. Know your Products

It is important to know how your products are selling. Which product makes a high profit, Products that are moving slowly in which you should increase it and also the inventory. Restock the products before it goes out of stock. Yes, we do provide all of these.


To know more analytics about how your store is performing, check out our App – Click Here

Vidhiya E

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