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A Complete Guide To Magento Development Services

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Magento is expected to deliver $224 billion in revenue through online sales by 2020. Being the most preferred platform in the eCommerce industry, Magento will be able to achieve such numbers in revenue through a well developed and aesthetically designed online store. Magento Development Services plays an important role in determining the success of your Magento 2 website. Read more to explore the number of must-haves to be considered when you have decided to design and develop your Magento 2 store.

Magento Development Services – The Design

The First Impression

Initiate the design process by brainstorming how you want your online store to appear from the end-user perspective. Aesthetics is one of the primary aspects a customer will expect while entering your website for the first time. Ensure your website stays a champion which refuses to give an opportunity for your customer to bounce from your website and provide business to your competitor. Make sure it has all the necessary aspects of the user experience, specifically user-friendly catalog menu, detailed product catalog, advanced search functionality, flawless shopping cart experience, and easy one-step checkout process.

Magento 2 Theme

Themes are the most essential part of a website that determines the look of your online storefront. There are numerous eCommerce ready themes that let you add custom templates, better layouts, and unique style to your Magento 2 website. Simplified installation process is an added advantage in Magento 2 themes which also include a step by step installation guide to make you feel no less than an expert. A Perfectly designed Magento theme will create a positive impact on your business.

Choosing the Right Theme

This tedious task is easily accomplished if you consider these three critical elements for your Magento store.

  • Consistent color is one of them that gives a very good appeal to you as a brand. This is the reason why many developed brands use colors to represent their industry. The food industry predominantly uses the red color to showcase their brands. For example KFC, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, etc. Likewise, your Magento 2 theme should have a consistent color to make your customers recognize your brand.
  • Good font choice, a primary element among the three, that adds a professional look to your website. A font equipped with clear, legible and professional font style will provide accurate information to your customers. Choose a theme that goes in hand with your brand guidelines and maintain the same font throughout.
  • Proper Visual hierarchy of your website content is the third and most important element that makes way for choosing the right theme for your business. Prioritize your website content to communicate your business objectives with your website visitors. This approach clearly lets you convey all of your website information and helps to create a better user experience. Choose a theme that has options to let you organize your website information at ease.

Voice Ordering

The next-generation feature of the Magento theme is voice ordering. Arising growth in artificial intelligence has resulted in voice assistants and human-friendly voice search features. Magento 2 themes allow you to perform voice ordering that benefits and resolves problems for a disabled person. This, in turn, increases the chances of users who have such accessibility issues, thereby rewarding your online store with more completed orders.

Theme Customization

Customization provides the utmost comfort to any online store owner who can choose, modify and remove any specific feature required to their business needs. The factors responsible for achieving flawless customization involves the nature of your business, size of business and customer base. Such customization can be implemented through Magento 2 Themes which are available for any type of business that ranges from free to paid Magento themes.

Responsive Design

A website that lacks responsive design tends to lose its trust from 94% of the website visitors. Another study reveals that websites specifically designed for mobile have seen a 62% increase in sales. The need for responsive design in today’s world has made Magento to prioritize this need for every eCommerce store. The customer base in your business will be accessing your online store through a myriad of devices. Magento’s mobile-first approach made its themes adjustable to any size of screens of users. This unique responsive design creates opportunities for better search engine rankings, quality content with relevance to the user’s query, and more traffic to your Magento website.

Magento development services

Top-Notch UI/UX

Magento 2 becomes so powerful when the user interaction comes into play. After being convinced with your Magento store design and theme, the user will look for easy navigation and valuable information on your website. It is of primary importance to get the attention of the user during the shopping process. Below is a list of hindrances that affects the engagement of the user with your online store.

  • Make it Simple – Overcrowding your product grid will scatter the user’s attention. Do not list too many products and make the user experience discomfort in finding the required product. Display products with details restricted to a single product alone. Build a Strong and concise path to create a natural sales funnel that directs the user to complete the checkout process.
  • Rich Images – Use informative product images with high quality to attract customers. A customer will expect images from various angles and dimensions. You can also choose to provide them additional features to customize products before making a purchase. This will enhance the user experience to the highest level possible.
  • More Payment Options – Never create a frustrating shopping experience by focusing on fetching customer information during the checkout process. Your goal is to close the sale on your Magento store. Instead, Provide more payment options to let them decide their preferred payment method.

Magento development services

Prioritize Call-to-Actions

Call-to-Action (CTA) is an additional feature to a webpage that makes the user/customer to take any action on your website. It can be a purchase, login form, signup form or any subscription. A website with poor CTA is likely to lose the majority of its sales and conversions. To protect your business from such loss, make sure the CTA’s are well placed, have a strong text for a positive decision from the customer, and are easily accessible. Make navigation easy for your customers and direct them to specific parts of a website through perfectly made CTA buttons.

Magento development service

Make it Conversion-Friendly

Placing your promotional blocks and sliding banners at the right place will increase sales for your Magento website. Ensure your website is optimized for SEO and incorporate social media links to enhance user experience and to improve brand visibility. Reviews, feed-backs and customer ratings included in your website are an added advantage to gain more trust from your website visitors.

Convert these website visitors to customers by strategizing your unique selling points such as easy return policies, risk-free shopping, and free delivery charge for products above certain price rules. Your conversion-friendly Magento store is ready if you assimilate all the above options with the help of professional Magento website designers.

Magento Development Services – The Development

Prior to exploring much about Magento development services, You need to understand the need for it and be ready to answer the question “Why?”

Why Magento Development Services?

Magento development Service is essential for the proper functioning of your website and to provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Developing a fully-functioning Magento 2 website involves years of expertise, knowledge on the Magento platform and certified Magento developers. The advantages of Magento development are improved speed and performance. The dual advantage is achieved only when the website is equipped with proper SEO, profitable extensions, better hosting and QA services. Now explore these advantages of Magento development services in detail.

Magento Development Service

Improved Speed

According to a research done on online retail performance, a 100-millisecond delay in website load time brings down your conversion rate by 7 percent. Speed becomes an integral part when it comes to the advantages of Magento development services.

Once you install Magento for your online store, it will be in default mode. Use this default mode to test and configure your Magento store. Switch to production mode once you decide to make your website open for customers. Production mode is optimized to provide better performance of the website. Proper utilization of production mode will give you the most out of user experience.

Advanced SEO Features

Your Magento  website should rank better in the search engines in order to reach your customers organically. Magento platform offers Advanced SEO Features to your business that improves your website ranking in search engines. Some of the most important SEO features of Magento 2 are:

  • Rich Snippets – Rich snippets are data pulled from the structured data present in the HTML of a website when a search query is performed in Google. The pulled data is displayed as the top relevant result in the SERP(Search engine results page). This rich snippet feature is supported in Magento 2 by default. This is an added advantage to your Magento 2 website that facilitates this feature without the need for an external plugin or extension.
  • Auto-Generated Meta tags – To reduce the burden of an SEO expert, Magento 2 has come up with this new feature that adds metadata for products. You can configure this under the Product Fields Auto – Generation option available inside the catalog menu. Meta-title, meta-description, and meta-keywords are automatically added once the default template has been created. This feature reduces effort towards SEO for large stores that have a vast product list.
  • XML Sitemap – Images contribute to generating traffic to your website. Adding images to the sitemap is quite essential when a search bot indexes the website. Magento 2 automatically adds images to the sitemap enabling your website to rank better in search results. Another added advantage is that search engine crawl with zero-error is now achievable through automated submission of your XML Sitemap to Robots.txt.

Code Re-usability

As a best practice, Reuse codes and avoid repetitive/duplicate codes. You can split the code based on functionality and store it as logical units to increase code re-usability. By doing this, your Magento website is easy to maintain from the development perspective.

You can use the code for the future development of any functionality or themes if you create it keeping a generic solution in mind.

Profitable Extensions

Most of the eCommerce business deal with inventories and require real-time inventory management solutions. Managing the cart and orders has been a tedious process in large online stores that deal with large product categories. Extensions in Magento 2 help you in identifying and solving these requirements. Magento 2 has several extensions that help you improve the performance of your online store with a one-click installation. Integrating these extensions on your Magento 2 website will help you with:

  • Inventory Management
  • Transaction Log Management
  • Update inventory through push Notifications
  • Order Management
  • Multiple-store support
  • Recovering Abandoned Carts

Choose the right Magento Hosting Service

The hosting choice for your Magento website should be reliable and provide enough support to your business during critical needs. Always make it a priority to consider these factors before choosing a Magento Hosting service:

  • Scalability – Adequate resources to handle the current situation is not enough for your website. You might not know when a server crash will occur due to a lack of server resources. This will happen often in eCommerce stores that handle seasonal sales. Fast server scalability will save your Magento 2 store from such unexpected situations.
  • Dedicated Support – Avoid frustrating situations where you immediately require customer support from your hosting provider to solve a server error. Be equipped with a hosting service that provides dedicated 24 x 7 x 365 support with skilled professionals to solve your problem immediately.
  • Server Uptime & Response Time– These two factors are responsible for your customer to experience faster load time once they enter your Magento 2 store. Go for a hosting service provider who guarantees 99.9% server uptime and has a fast response time to enhance the user experience. Gain trust among your customers by providing a Magento 2 website that loads lightning fast.

I hope these factors will be your preliminary requirements before deciding a hosting provider. Now you will be able to choose the right hosting service provider for your Magento 2 website.

Integration Services

Unlock unlimited possibilities by integrating your Magento 2 website with ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software. Reduce the manual effort involved in entering the information for every customer activity and boost productivity. Your Magento store has plenty of integration options to automate the repetitive manual operation and replace them with excellent customer service.

  • ERP Integration – Integrate your Magento 2 Store with any ERP to realize the full potential of automation.  Automate your core processes by connecting your business endpoints with different areas of an enterprise. Implementing an ERP solution to your Magento website will result in lower operational costs, improved agility and consistent infrastructure.
  • CRM Integration – Popular CRM solutions like Zoho, Salesforce, and HubSpot can be integrated with your Magento 2 website to improve employee productivity.  Bridge the gap between your customers and the sales team to effectively improve communication through CRM Integration. Customized marketing activities can be performed by analyzing reports, dashboards, and analytics on customer data.

QA Services

The Magento store owner must ensure the proper functioning of the website throughout the eCommerce journey. Quality assurance is of prime importance to any online business. Identify defects and fix them with the help of the best Magento QA service providers. It is necessary to monitor the quality of the development process through multiple QA testing such as:

  • End-to-End application testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Payment Gateway Analysis
  • Regression Testing
  • Ensuring all the above tests being done, The quality of your Magento store is assured.

Take the right decision now

A perfectly designed and technically developed Magento website is a dream come true to many Magento store owners. Obtain all the above features and solutions from DCKAP, a Magento development company with a team of certified Magento professionals and 14+ years of expertise in successfully delivering projects. Our dedicated team will customize your Magento store as per your business requirements and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

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