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Holiday Season Sales – 2016 – Insights for eCommerce Merchants

By |November 28, 2016 January 3rd, 2022No Comments

Adobe Digital Insights has published a report on the holiday sales season.  The report is important not only for its statistics but also for the insights it provides to the eCommerce merchants.

For e.g. the report , “ADI: Cyber Monday 2016 Shopping Spend Will Be Historic” by Giselle Abramovich,Senior & Strategic Editor, , mentions that “Indeed, mobile shoppers are still struggling to go beyond the shopping cart via their devices“.

It is such a significant observation because it shows that the shoppers are fine with ‘browsing’ but not comfortable ‘purchasing’ from the mobile.

There are other interesting snippets too – ‘How shoppers find about discounted products?’ will help the merchant in marketing his stores better and  ‘What are the top reasons for spending online?’ provides tips on what attracts the  shoppers to spend online.

Grab the insights from the below infographic and for more information read the above report from ADI.

Holiday sales 2016

Note: ADI’s “Holiday Prediction” report is based on an analysis of 1 trillion visits to more than 4,500 retail websites and 55 million SKUs.



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