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How Do ERP Connectors Benefit Businesses?

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ERP connectors are middleware that integrates an ERP with any other system to facilitate data transfer. ERPs are a valuable addition to any business, promising accurate, and up to date metrics. What does an ERP do? An ERP system offers complete access to customer, supplier, and inventory information making it the one centralized database for businesses to rely on. Every organization’s success depends on its multiple departments running smoothly without any hassle. From supply chain to sales and marketing to human resources, ERP keeps track of all the business processes and streamlines the entire workflow.

ERP Advantages

Implementing ERP systems offers several advantages in the business, process, and customer perspective. The following image illustrates a few important benefits of ERP.

ERP Advantages

6 Reasons Why You Should Use ERP Connectors

ERP Connectors are prebuilt applications and templates that connect your system with an ERP system to achieve a centralized integration solution without much manual work. ”

Below are some advantages of ERP connectors:

1. Plug and Play implementation: Since the ERP connectors are readily available, all it takes is connecting the two systems with minimum or zero coding requirements.

2. Reduce errors: With manual data entry out of the way, ERP connectors guarantee error-free operations, and also manual data entry is completely eliminated.

3. Better utilization of internal teams: ERP connectors are easy and quick to deploy. This gives up to date results with real-time numbers and facilitates cross-department report comparison and eliminates the need for maintaining multiple spreadsheets and documents by individual personnel.

4. Cost reduction: With employees having ready access to templates, the business process speeds up which in turn generates revenue and improves customer satisfaction.

5. Better customer experience and service: With centralized client information, the sales team will have a better stand at acquiring as well as retaining customers.

6. Saves time: Instead of building separate flows for different integrations, ERP connectors are available in hand for a number of platforms to sync with. This encompasses all the processes within one system thus reducing the time significantly.

Popular ERP Connectors

SAP ERP Connector

  • For businesses to integrate various applications whether they are in the cloud or locally maintained, with the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or SAP S/4HANA on-premises, via RFC.
  • The biggest challenge for data operators is to get a centralized view of resources. The SAP ERP connectors help you achieve complete and holistic visibility of data and results thus entailing data-driven business decisions.
  • Data is integrated from Materials, Finance, and controls to Sales and top-notch customer service:
  • Example apps that you can connect:
    – Workday
    – Marketo
    – CRM such as Salesforce.

Oracle ERP Cloud Connector

  • An industry-leading ERP Cloud Connector, that you can use to integrate applications (in the cloud and on-premise) without coding or complex integration steps.
  • Some benefit of this connector include:
    – Easy integration with Oracle ERP Cloud application’s WSDL file
    – No necessity to understand the WSDL. Instead, select different operations supported by Oracle ERP
    – Better analytics and improved operations
    – Saves time and money with its simple and easy to use interface

Epicor P21 ERP Connector

  • If you are looking for an ERP system with promises increased work efficiency and scalability for growth in the current digital era, then P21 is the ultimate choice.
  • P21 significantly reduces the cost of ownership and keeps your business always ready for the future
  • An Epicor P21 connector takes care of
    – Automatic data exchange between systems
    – Complete data integration
    – Product and shipping updates
    – Customer and contact updates
    – Inventory levels
  • The connectors can be used to integrate workflows parallelly thus saving time and also reducing errors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Connector

  • An ERP software that enables mid-size businesses to run their accounts, finances, customer relations, and supply chain effectively.
  • Prebuilt connectors enable applications of any type namely CRM, eCommerce, marketplace, etc, and simplify the entire process.
  • Integrations are easy to maintain and track and even scale upon because of easy connectivity.
  • Some services that these connectors handle include:
    – Sales Data Synchronization
    – Order Processing
    – Inventory updates
    – Complete eCommerce sync
    – Business insights sync

ERP Connectors for eCommerce Systems

Shopify ERP Connector

A pre-built data integrator that enhances eCommerce operations built on the Shopify platform. By integrating Shopify with any ERP, orders, inventory, product, cash flow management, customer details, and many more entities are synced seamlessly. This improves operational efficiency without the need for advanced technical support or complex coding.

Magento ERP Connector

By integrating the Magento system with an ERP using connectors, customers see instant results with real-time data processing and accurate reports anytime. Thus without the hassle of having to build flow and integration from scratch, connectors offer plug and play integration implementation, enabling faster decision making and better ROI.

WooCommerce ERP Connector

One of the easiest to use eCommerce platform, WooCommerce is very user friendly in terms of being able to customize as requirements change. Leveraging this feature of the customer-centric model, an ERP connector will only make the business a clear winner in the market. With pre-built integration flows, every person in the business workflow is sure to see easy deployment with accurate results. Some integrations that can be carried out successfully include Inventory, Billing, Shipping, Product creation and updated, and order fulfillment.

BigCommerce ERP Connector

BigCommerce is a widely used eCommerce platform with world-class features and it has proven to be a success for several brands globally. And when BigCommerce is truly integrated with an ERP, the selling is upscaled along with quick results. What BigCommerce services are greatly enhanced with an ERP connector?

  • Product Updates: Integrate Products from BigCommerce to ERP along with SKUs and custom fields making updates easy and accurate.
  • Inventory Management: For stock maintenance and real-time updates which ultimately provide good customer satisfaction.
  • Order Management: Any order placed in BigCommerce is seamlessly processed to the backend ERP system
  • Cost Updates: Refunds, order costs, shipping costs, etc can be easily updated from BigCommerce to ERP as cash memos
  • Order Fulfillment: With best in class mapping features connectors can automatically sync data with tracking information and shipping details.

Conclusion – ERP Connectors

ERP Connectors are a great source of automating business workflows. By connecting your ERP with other business apps like finance management, human resource, logistics, eCommerce, CRM, visual display tools, the marketplace, etc, connectors give an easily deployable holistic experience in data integration. Data integration, by itself, is a very complex process. From creating flows to mapping data to data synchronization, the process usually involves the tedious work of your core development team. But with readily available connectors, all it takes is connecting two systems with prebuilt templates and seeing results almost instantly.

Want to connect your eCommerce and ERP to grow your business? You are just a step away. Talk to us.

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