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How Does Magento Abandoned Cart Extension Work?

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An abandoned cart is an online shopping cart that a customer adds items to but exits the website without purchasing those items. The Abandoned Cart extension helps in automatically sending triggered emails to recover all your customers’ (registered users and guest visitors) forgotten carts and then pushes them to return to your online store and complete the checkout easily. 

The admin can track cart recoveries from the admin panel, create custom email notification templates, and schedule alerts with different discount percentages.

Moreover, it also helps to reduce cart abandonment rates and encourages customer loyalty by offering attractive discount codes enclosed in the emails.

Why do we need an Abandoned Cart Extension?

On average, more than 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts at checkout. This means that 3 out of 4 customers add something to their cart and leave without making the payment.

The Abandoned Cart Extension helps in effectively turning lost purchases into completed orders by sending in smart automated reminders, with or without a discount coupon.


The Abandoned Cart email module lets you create an unlimited number of abandoned cart emails with attractive designs, along with default email templates. It also includes free discount coupons, details of a product added to the cart, and a direct link to restore the cart to make your message more eye-catching. Also, you can specify the height and width of product images included in the email reminder.

Recovery emails are sent to customers based on the rules you define in the backend. With the Abandoned Cart extension, you can effectively create, manage, and cancel rules according to the specified cart conditions. Besides which, it is also possible to set a certain period after a cart is considered abandoned and stop sending reminders after a customer recovers the cart.

The emails can be sent automatically at the specified time or manually from the backend. This feature is critical for customer engagement since one reminder is not always enough to make a shopper go back to your store. It can keep your history of the sent emails and track the click-through rate of recovery emails, as well as analyze if restoring the shopping cart led to the order on your website.

It offers various email templates that can be easily customized according to your expectations and requirements. You can also create other email templates by yourself. The email will help in reminding customers about abandoned items in the shopping cart by displaying product images, as well as short descriptions in the template.

Email Templates

Email TemplatesEmail TemplatesEmail TemplatesEmail Templates

Configure Rules for Email Campaigns

Due to high flexibility, Abandoned Cart lets you set up rule conditions based on different parameters (e.g., conditions combination, product attribute combination, product subselection, and cart attributes).For each rule, you can set flexible conditions for emails that dispatch:

  • Product conditions for precise targeting.
  • Cart conditions to narrow down the audience.
  • Customer group conditions to segment the customers.
  • Store view conditions to allow multi-language marketing.
  • Send abandoned cart reminders to promote purchases.

Abandoned Cart Email RuleAbandoned Rule


In case you don’t want to send emails immediately, you can set the schedule for those emails with an estimated time. If you set the email that will be sent after five days, the schedule will be activated, and after five days, the emails will be sent automatically. You can set the shopping cart rule for the customer’s re-purchase with Magento 2 abandoned cart recovery. You can also add more rules or delete any unnecessary rules.

Abandoned Cart Email Rule

Abandoned Cart Email Rule

Test Email Campaign

For each abandoned email, you can choose to send any desired customer the Matched Shopping Cart Function. There is a list of abandoned customers, and you can choose any of them, and you can send a test email before releasing it officially.

Test Email Campaign

Google Analytics

To analyze the effectiveness of the email campaign’s performance, you can effortlessly build your campaigns with the Google Analytics account. Besides that, it’s possible to control all the clicks on recovery links with the display of all abandoned items shown in the email. With the abandoned cart email for Magento 2, it is easy to set all the information for campaigns in the analytics tab.

Abandoned Cart Email Rule


It is very easy to configure in the backend with clear parts of each function. It just takes one click to set up the powerful operation of recovering abandoned cart emails, contributing to the increase of conversion rates, and getting more sales for your store.

Abandoned Cart Email Configuration

Now, you can recover all your customers by reminding them with triggered emails about their abandoned carts and make them return to your eCommerce store using the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension.

Recover your lost revenue through abandoned cart extension in Magento. Checkout more such extensions in our store.

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