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How does Magento Commerce compare with Sitecore?

July 22, 2013 |
Web Development
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Magento helps merchants provide a more personalized shopping experience for their customers.At DCKAP we have very good expertise in building and customizing ecommerce applications using Magento commerce.


DCKAP team has created a wide variety of modules that includes Partial module, Limit module, Slider Module and Customer Sharing between Magento and Drupal, Payment Gateway, Card Page Image Customization, Database Customization, Menu Navigation customization, Shipping tax customization & Sales order customization Layout customization and integrated successfully with various applications.


All merchants, including those running B2B businesses, can take advantage of improved customer segmentation and ordering capabilities.The most popular ecommerce package of the moment is Magento as we can do multi-store, multi-currency.Magento key functionalities include order processing and has backend tools for editing the product pages


Magento has some of the most impressive features straight out of the box, including:
  1. Marketing / promotional tools
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Catalog management
  4. Product browsing
  5. International support
  6. Shipping (multiple addresses, multiple shipments, free shipping, etc.)
  7. Customer service
  8. Order management
  9. Analytics and reporting
  10. Site management
  11. Catalog browsing
  12. Mobile commerce
  13. Checkout (one-page checkout, account or guest checkout, etc.)
  14. Payment (multiple payment options, payment extensions available, etc.) Customer accounts
15. Foster Brand Affinity : Loyal customers are the key to a successful business. We provide the following tools to keep them coming back to your store again and again.
  1. Customer Rewards Points
  2. Private Sales
  3. Automated Email Reminders
  4. Wish Lists
  5. Gift Registry
  6. Gift Cards
  7. Store Credit
16. Customize & Refine Your Site: Enterprise Edition lets you customize the look, feel and functionality of your store to meet your unique specifications. Extend and refine your site as you grow and your needs evolve.
  1. One License. Multiple Stores
  2. Flexible Product Catalog
  3. Custom Landing Pages
  4. Mobile Commerce
  5. Third-Party Applications and Extensions
  6. Custom Development
  7. Global Commerce
17. Grow & Scale with Confidence: Whether you’re expanding into new markets, new countries, or even just expanding to new volume levels, Enterprise Edition will help you scale while keeping your site secure.
  1. Scalability
  2. Optimized Speed & Performance
  3. Security & Compliance
  4. Testing & Updating Environment
  5. Backup & Rollback
18. Product Discount and Coupon System
  1. Product Discount with expired day feature.
  2. Coupon ID: set your coupon id for special discount
  3. Member Discount: different Price for different Customer feature
  4. Also buyers who buy volume orders can enjoy volume discount.
19. Wish List System
  1. Each Members are able to put products in their own wish list, they can modify their own wish list by add and remove the items
20. Tax Functionality System
  1. Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis
  2. Set different tax rates for different products
  3. Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis
21. Promotion eNews to (All) Members System
  1. A HTML editor is provided for administer to type in the promotion news with photo linking function included
  2. Administrators can select individual member or email to all members
  3. Email will then be sent to selected members directly
22. Bonus Point System
  1. After purchasing, member can earn bonus point for the products
  2. Administrator can manually adjust the bonus point of each member and each product
  3. The bonus point is permanence effective
23. e-Newsletter Construction and sending service
  1. Total ONE version of email newsletter of HTML layout design (1 Language version)
  2. Size and format will fit for mass email sending
  3. One off e-Newsletter mass emailing
  4. Report will be given to client listing the email users who opened the e-Newsletter

Comparison – Key Features of Magento Vs Site core

S.No Features Magento Site Core
1 Full text search Yes Yes
2 Debug Mode Yes Yes
3 Hierarchical menus Yes Yes
4 WYSIWYG-Editor Yes Yes
5 Promotional Sale Feature Yes Yes
6 Image processing engine Yes Yes
7 Credit Memo Yes No
8 Newsletter Yes No
9 Attribute Manager Yes No
10 Product Import & Export Yes No
11 Customer Group Yes No
12 Online Customers Yes No
13 Poll Manager Yes No
14 Reports Manager Yes No
15 Persistence Shopping cart Yes No
16 Different theme used for individual products page Yes No
17 Programming paradigm Event Driven Object Oriented
18 API Good Good
19 Vast Availability of Extensions Yes No
20 Dedicated Ecommerce system Yes No
21 WSDL Yes Yes
22 External Pages Yes Yes
23 LDAP Yes Yes
24 Adobe Flash Support Yes Yes
25 Real time analytics Yes Yes
26 Mobile Commerce Yes Yes
System Requirement
27 Operating System Cross platform windows
28 Programming language PHP C#
29 Framework Zend Framework ASP.NET
30 Database MySQL MySQL MSSQL 2012,2005,2008, Oracle
31 Pingback Yes No
32 Popularity (67% global votes) (0% global votes)
33 Difficulty level Intermediate Advanced
34 Scripting Language support Prototype Javascript C#

JavaScript VB.NET
35 Every new changes done in website No need to restart server Restart Server
36 Preference 75 Percent Votes 25 Percent Votes
37 Design Pattern MVC MVC
38 Multilingual support Yes Yes
39 Multi-user system Yes Yes



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