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How To Get The Most Out Of Imagine 2017?

February 28, 2017
Tamizh Selvan

A lot has been said and written about Magento, the digital commerce platform and Imagine, the largest gathering of Magento experts in the world.

‘Imagine’ being at Wynn, Las Vegas

Imagine 2017 will be held at the Wynn, Las Vegas, the “iconic curved high-rise” on the Las Vegas Strip, between April 3-5.The event will bring together over 2,500 commerce experts including merchants, agencies, and technology providers from over 45 countries.

A sneak peep into Imagine 2017

For three consecutive days, Imagine overflows with an abundance of presentations from experts, strategy sessions, networking events, training/consulting sessions, and opportunities to meet influencers, build relationships with senior executives, & merchants, drive partnerships, discover latest platform developments, explore new products, dinner invites from vendors/clients.There is poolside entertainment at the Wynn Las Vegas on the opening night and legendary evening events.If you need more details, here is the agenda.

How to get the most out of Imagine 2017?

In Imagine, so much happens in one place and at the same time. You feel like a child in a candy store, wanting to have everything.Here are some pointers to get the maximum value from attending Imagine. We have focused on three aspects of Imagine – Before Imagine, During Imagine, After Imagine.

Before Imagine

Sign up for Imagine 2017 email list

Signing up for the email list will update you on events, tools, deadlines, opportunities and changes if there are any.

Announce on Social Media

Mention you are attending Imagine on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that people who do not know that you are coming will know about it. Follow official announcements from Magento (@magento, #PreImagine, #magentoImagine) and related events/activities and also to know the last minute changes.

Schedule a Meeting

If you are a Merchant looking for solutions for your Magento store, you can connect with a solution or a technology partner ahead of time and schedule a meeting.DCKAP provides free 1:1 Magento 2 consultation with their certified Magento Specialists.  Schedule here.

Write a blog

Blogs help improve brand recall and recognition, so write one on Imagine. Provide information that may be useful to attendees apart from what is available in the Imagine conference web page. 

Know the Agenda

Imagine is a huge conference and it is obvious that you cannot be everywhere. There are sessions for merchants, developers, and presentations of business interest.Go through the session titles, the speakers and pick your favorites.If you are a Merchant, you may be interested in a session on how to manage your Magento 2 store.If you are a developer, you can attend a discussion on key developer topics and the challenges faced by your peers.

Prepare an elevator pitch

People may ask you what you do and why you are there. Do not get into details and keep it simple.

Attractions in Las Vegas

If you plan to include sightseeing, make sure to add it to your agenda and schedule it before or after the event.

During Imagine

General, Keynote & Breakout Sessions

Sessions include best practices on Magento platform, case studies by merchants and solution providers, discussions on the future roadmap of Magento 2 by Magento executives. Choose your sessions wisely and be there early for the front seats.Taking notes helps you to learn from the expert and you can also refer to it at a later date. It could also become content material for your ‘post-imagine’ blog.This year Imagine’s keynote address is by Serena Williams.

Badge colors

Look out for the badge colors. In Imagine, agencies, merchants, developers & Magento executives have different badge colors. This makes it easy for you to identify and connect with them.

Education Opportunities

Register for Imagine 2017 by March 10 and receive a full year of free training with the Unlimited On-Demand bundle. 

Opportunity to meet Magento Masters & Executives

Imagine 2017 gives Magento users the chance to hear and meet with some of the best minds in eCommerce.Magento Masters is a top contributor program that recognizes and rewards our most active community members. They are early adopters of Magento and Imagine is a great place to meet and learn from them.

Be Active on Social Media

Relevant tweets and engaging posts in Facebook/Instagram about Imagine events & sessions will go a long way in improving your personal (company) brand and make you recognizable in the event.

Networking Lunch

Never eat alone. Walk around. Introduce yourself to the person nearby. Find out who they are and what they are doing without being pushy. Find out if you can help them in their business or if they can introduce you to somebody else.Imagine 2017

Have fun

Imagine is famous for its Legendary Imagine Evening Event on the 2nd day. Have fun but remember that you are at the conference. Keep your goals and objectives in mind.

After Imagine

Take Action

Create a plan to connect with people you have met. Do this immediately after you return as everything will be fresh in your mind.

Write a Post-Imagine blog

You can write a ‘recap’ blog that summarizes the sessions/events of Imagine 2017 and your experiences and takeaways from the event. 

Connect With Business Associates

Write a mail thanking the business associates for meeting you in the conference. If you delay this, they may not remember you. Mailing them also helps to continue the relationship and to set an appointment to talk on the phone.

Connect with DCKAP at Booth 313

DCKAP is a proud sponsor of Imagine Commerce 2017. Please come by our booth (#313) for initial consultations, our Certified Solutions Specialists and a team of Developers are on hand. In addition to demonstrating our latest work in Magento 2, we will be showcasing our Magento Extension Solutions in the DCKAP Store. Mohan, DCKAP – Head of Extensions, is a speaker at Imagine 2017.

If nothing else, swing by just to say hello. Plus, enter to win an Amazon Echo & Parrot Drone each day throughout the conference.

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