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Inauguration of Women’s Welfare Committee

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DCKAP Proudly inaugurated its “Women’s Welfare Committee” on 10.08.12. The main objective of this committee is to help all the female employees not only in their professional stress but also to make them come out of their shell. The goal of this committee is to help women feel free and flexible at the work place.

The policies of the WWC were discussed in the inaugural function. The policies covered areas like harassment / complaint box, safety, maternity counseling, grievances and so on. it is also decided to bring successful women in various streams to our campus in future to inspire our female employees with their success stories. Women professionals from outside and members of Women’s club will be invited to interact with our employees. The motto of these events is to instill confidence in our Women Employees. Doctors will be invited to counsel our employees on dealing with stress and other health related issues.

Women Welfare Committee

After discussion of the policies and future plans, the gala time started with cutting of cake. This was followed by singing and dancing events. Games were conducted where our employees got to know about each other well. Our employees had a great time in this meeting and this also helps in bonding amongst the employees.

Women Welfare Committee Members

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