iPhoneWith increasing speculations of iPhone 5’s specifications, design and other aspects of the smart phone the rumors that are spreading are also increasing rapidly.

New iPhone 5’s Schematic Blueprint

The recent development that has been doing rounds in the iPhone fans and iPhone app developers circle is the schematic blueprint of the next generation iPhone.

The alleged blueprint actually suits the images which showed the speculated structural features of the iPhone 5’s screen. There were expectations of a 4-inch screen after the front glass of the phone was allegedly unveiled as it was sized enough to accommodate one. But contrarily the schematic blue print informs us of a diagonally opened front glass which measures slightly over the 4-inch mark.

This was taken as intimation to the iPhone app developers from Apple that there will be a screen which will be bigger than the already established 4-inch screen. The schematic blue print also helps the developers to locate the FaceTime camera which seems to be relocated and placed near the ear-piece.

New iPhone 5’s Schematic Blueprint

Specifications of the new iPhone

After analyzing the blueprint the diagonal size of the opening has been calculated to be 4.08 inches. The front panel of the iPhone is always a little bigger than the screen, so may be, the display would measure 4-inches exactly. Earlier, it was reported that the width of the display will not be altered, but it will be made a little taller so that the aspect ratio results in 16:9 approximately. Though the exact specifications and dimensions of the screen cannot be accurately measured from the schematic blueprint, from the height and the pixel measurements obtained the approximate height was measured as 122 millimeters which surpasses the height of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by a meager 7 millimeters.

Features of Upcoming iOS 6

Apart from the physical features of the next generation iPhone 5 its platform is severely being speculated especially by iPhone app developers as they need to be sure of the upcoming platform to equip themselves to be prepared for building applications on that foundation.

The ARM S5L8950X processor is expected to power the iPhone 5 as exhibited by the iOS 6 build. The current processors being used by iPad and iPhone 4S are S5L8940X and S5L8945X respectively. The application processor which is going to be used in the new iPhone is called S5L8950X and it is expected to be more advanced than the previous processors. Analysts have been assuming that the S5L8950X chip will be introduced as a member of the new A6 family, but the report says that it is being referred as “A5” internally.

The much expected RAM capacity of the new iPhone is believed to have attained 1GB to support the enhanced visual and graphical aspects of the next generation phone. The iOS 6 build that was analyzed was based on version 13.0.0 of Darwin Kernel, which is better than the version 12.0.0 being used in the OS X Mountain Lion and 11.x.x version being used in iOS 5 and OS X Lion.

Watch the iOS 5 Video Features

These various analyses of the new schematic blueprint have explained more than the rumors doing the rounds in the close iPhone app developers circle albeit the assurance from the analysts of the blue print is not absolutely promising. But the fact that these speculations not dying until the next generation phone coming to the market is undeniable.


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