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Joomla Features Overview

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User Management

Joomla is customizable and friendly with a new registration system that allows users to configure the type of access to be allotted. The nine user groups comprising of various types will decide upon users’ access to edit, publish and administrate based on the allowed level of permission.

With support to multiple protocols including LDAP, OpenID, and even Gmail, Joomla authenticates users which would enable them to use their existing account information to streamline the registration process.

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Media Manager

This easy to access tool, Media Manager will assist users to manage their media files or folders and they can configure MIME settings which would let them access various types of files. For users to have ease in grabbing images and other files at any point of times, the Media Manager is integrated into the Article Editor tool.

Language Manager

In the new Joomla, you have ease of use by configuring your website to display in one language and access your admin panel in another language. International support is available for various languages along with UTF-8 encoding.

Banner Management

The task of setting up a banner in your website is further simplified with the help of Banner Manager. Once you create a client profile, add campaigns and the number of banners according to your requirement, after which you can move on to impression numbers, special URLs and more.


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