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Lake Erie Prophet 21 Regional User’s Group

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Hello Cleveland!

This past week, I spoke on behalf of DCKAP at the Lake Erie Prophet 21 (P21) Regional User’s Group conference, where I had the unique opportunity to meet P21 users and hear about their experiences both with ecommerce and P21. The meeting was held at Jergens headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Jergens has been a leading manufacturer of lifting and hoisting solutions for the past 75 years, so it was a fitting setting for DCKAP who specializes in creating e-commerce solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

Jergens Manufacturing

Epicor P21 – Powering Distribution

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For those unfamiliar with Epicor & P21 product, P21 is an enterprise application software tailored for the needs of wholesale distributors. With features such as customer relationship management, sales and order management, materials management, supply chain management, production management and financial management it is one of the most powerful applications on the market for those who need robust, enterprise level, distribution software. Furthermore, when integrated with an e-commerce application such as Magento, the possibilities of what it can do for your business are nearly endless.

While at the P21 Regional User’s Group conference, I gave a presentation (which you can download below) regarding the cost of ownership and ROI on e-commerce investments, as well as how to create a positive customer experience. From our research, we found that of those surveyed, 89% of those who implemented an e-commerce strategy into their current operation, agreed that it increased their revenue, with an average improvement of 55%. Similarly, those surveyed also suggested that their per order profitability increased an average of 30%. No small feat, by any means.

B2B – To Infinity & Beyond

Additionally, perhaps what manufacturers and distributors should be most excited about is that when it comes to online and digital commerce, the B2B market is relatively untapped in comparison to B2C channels where there are established consumer marketplaces. And when you consider that the B2C is a only a $2.4 trillion market when compared to a $7.7 B2B market size, well to say there is room for growth might just be the understatement of the century.

Simply put, customer expectations are changing the face of B2B commerce, and DCKAP is here to take your online revenue to the next level. Specifically, we can help execute on the following for your business:

  • An omnichannel strategy for Magento / P21 B2B e-Commerce
  • Modifying e-Commerce sales strategy to meet your demands
  • Integrating Magento with P21 for growth

Ready to Drive Your Online Sales?

Contact me directly at or request a demo to hear how we can boost your sales in 2018 as well as discuss your 2018 e-commerce strategy. Additionally, download my presentation from the Lake Erie P21 Regional User’s Group conference for more key digital commerce insights.

TCO-User Experience

George Garcia

Author George Garcia

George Garcia is Vice President of Sales for North America. He is responsible for working with emerging market distributors and manufactures to enhance their e-Commerce performance.

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