Whatever be the industry , recruiting the right talent is the biggest challenge today and it is only the beginning. Once recruited, the ‘beginners’ have to be trained in technologies they may use in their future projects. The beginners or Junior Software Engineers (in our context) may come from different backgrounds and have to assimilate the culture of the company. This is very important for the company as well as the individual.

At times, the chief obstacles for the success of the ‘beginners’ is not technical in nature, it is either personal or administrative. At DCKAP, we have been successful in attracting some of the best talents. There have been challenges but overall we have been successful in helping these youngsters climb up to the next level.

While there are many books on software development and programming  , there is a dearth of books to guide young (and senior) engineers on how to succeed in their work and career. Like, what they should and should not do, what is acceptable and not acceptable and what is expected of them at work.

Lessons Rookie Software Engineers Need to Learn to Succeed in their Career

By chance, we stumbled upon this book ‘ The Unwritten Laws of Engineering‘ by W.J. King and James G. Skakoon. This was originally published as three articles in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ more than 60 years ago. The book’s advice is timeless. It must be made a recommended reading in engineering colleges. It will help the budding engineers to understand and prepare them for success in work.

The below infographics  have been compiled from the above book.

What the beginner needs to learn at once – In Relation to the Work

software engineers

What the beginner needs to learn at once – In Relation to your Supervisor

software engineers

What the beginner needs to learn at once – Regarding Relations with Colleagues and Outsiders


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