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Listing Products Unassigned To Any Category In Magento

By |October 25, 2016No Comments

Sometimes merchants may have missed selecting categories for the products when creating new products or while importing them. If they want to list them at a later point in time and assign categories to those products, there is no default report in admin.

It will be great if there is such a report for merchants who manage products in Magento admin. We can use the below collection query in a custom module to generate a product report in admin for merchants.

The below product collection resolves the issue and provides us the list of configurable products

  • whose child SKUs are in stock and
  • assigned to none of the categories and
  • that are not assigned to any of the active categories

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The below collection result will provide us the following attributes

  • Product ID
  • SKU
  • Name of configurable product

We can add more columns in the $columns array and update the collection JOIN to filter the columns.

Columns can be added / removed and the developer can use this query to generate a report based on the business needs of the merchant.

How to get the products not assigned to any category and not associated with any active category?

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