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Magento 1 Support Extended : The Right Time To Plan Migration

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Come Nov 2017, and it would be two years since Magento 2 was released. The latest Magento Commerce version is 2.2 (Formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) and there are major B2B features in the release.

However, some merchants are still in Magento Commerce 1, the older version. Magento was supposed to end the support for Magento Commerce 1 by 2018. However, taking into account the investments made by merchants in Magento Commerce 1 and the value derived from it, Magento has extended the support until June 2020.

Below is an update on Magento support –

  • For customers on Magento Commerce 1.13 and 1.14, Magento will be extending full support from November 2018 to June 2020. To receive full support through June 2020, customers must renew their license through June 2020 and continue to maintain an active account and in good standing.
  • For customers on Magento Commerce 1.12 and prior versions, Magento will continue to make available security patches through June 2020.

For more information on support services, please click this.

magento b2b

The above information will surely bring some peace of mind to the merchants who have invested in Magento Commerce 1. It is also the right time for Merchants to plan their migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and take advantage of scalability, performance, flexible architecture, intuitive admin, and the B2B features. Magento Commerce 2.2 was named as a leader among B2B commerce suites by an Independent research firm.

Stats also show that Magento 2’s popularity and usage has increased and continues growing, meaning more merchants have seen success in migrating to the latest version.

Google Trends

M2 – Interest Over Time

magento 2 B2B


M2 – Usage Stats

magento 2 B2B

If you have any queries or if you need help in migrating to Magento 2, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to work with you.


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