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Magento 2 Abandoned Cart – The Definitive Guide

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Abandoned cart can be converted in to compeleted purchases using Magento 2. Get it implemented from our Magento developers.

Magento 2

, being a popular and powerful platform in eCommerce, has a number of extensions that serve to enhance the user experience and contribute to the overall performance of several online storefronts. The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart is one such extension. It is one of the most eCommerce friendly extensions which eliminates the loss in revenue by interacting with your customers. The following article takes you through the benefits of the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Extension and how it can help your eCommerce venture grow more:

What is an Abandoned Cart?

Abandoned cart refers to lost revenue to your business when a customer adds a product to their cart and exits the website without purchasing. Recent surveys have found the global average shopping cart abandonment rate to be 70%. This means you are likely to lose 7 valuable prospects out of every 10 customers who visit your online store. So, what shall you do to protect your business from such a situation? How do you manage these abandoned carts in your online store? Well, you have a practical solution right away.

Abandoned Cart Rate

The only effective way to recover the lost revenue is to make those prospects return to your shop through targeted abandoned cart and follow-up emails. Abandoned cart emails have a great impact on sales which has an average open rate of 41% and click-through rates of 39%. Magento 2 abandoned cart extension is a great solution for your online store to transform incomplete transactions into successful deliveries through personalized auto-reminders to customers.

The end result of this is to bring customer’s attention to their dropped out carts and convert them into completed purchases once the notification email is sent. Even though we see a number of plugins that try to solve this problem to an extent, I recommend you to try abandoned cart email extension for Magento 2. Before knowing further about this extension, you should be aware of how abandoned cart affects B2B and B2C.

Why an abandoned cart extension necessary for B2B and B2C?

A B2B customer is unlikely to make a quick decision as in a B2C environment. The decision-making process is very gradual when it comes to B2B where the customer is already aware of their requirement before they step into your eCommerce store. Considering the B2C segment, the decision is made by an individual whereas in B2B it is taken by the whole organization.  B2C online storefronts are designed to make a purchase on a smaller scale where the user’s purchases for themselves. B2B users play a vital role here by differentiating themselves as they execute a purchase on a large scale for a company/business entity.

Abandoned cart B2C vs B2B

The loss in revenue that occurs in a single abandoned cart from a B2B site is enormous than a B2C store. In B2B, a well-established relationship is built before a user visits the eCommerce store. Abandoned cart rates may appear to be higher in B2C as there is a boundless number of individuals who visit an online store to purchase millions of products per day but, they do not incur huge losses to the B2C business when considering a single abandoned cart. The revenue loss multiplies for B2C in the long run which also creates panic and an urge for a solid solution among the eCommerce business owners.

Now that you know the need for this profitable extension to restore losses in B2B as well as B2C, It is also necessary to know what purpose and other beneficial features that it brings to your business. Here I have listed the top-most features/benefits and tips to target potential customers using Magento abandoned shopping cart extension.

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Features/Benefits

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Features_Benefits

Automated Emails

One of the primary benefits of this extension is to recover the lost sales by sending follow-ups and gift coupons through automated emails. There are situations where the customer accidentally leaves the website without purchasing, in such cases, sending automated reminders about products will help motivate them to complete the online transaction.

Abandoned cart rules allow you to filter the audience based on customer type, store, and specific cart items. As a result, you will end up creating unique rules for different visitor segments, enabling you to acclimate the extension making it effective to your business model.

Personalize Magento abandoned cart email to encourage customers and provide them a conviction of your services on which they can rely on. Specifically targeted emails to the customers through this way will add more revenue and create loyalty towards your business.

Track & Measure

Analyze the performance of the email campaign whenever the customer takes action. Tracking comes handy when you provide the email campaign details in the “Analytics” tab. You can also monitor the abandoned cart items through the recovery links in the campaign. Google Analytics gives you the possibility to analyze how many customers have been converted into buyers and eventually, lets you gain experience to strategize effective email campaigns in the future.

Customized Email Templates

This powerful extension allows you to customize emails by analyzing customer’s behavior and deliver them tailor-made designs to boost sales. You can design your own customized abandoned cart email templates for an email campaign. This can include a list of abandoned items, a short description, and a discount code along with a strong call to action button which urges the customer to complete the purchase.

Shopping Cart Recovery

The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email extension is unimaginable while converting website visitors into returning customers. A notification is sent to the users with an attractive discount code asking if they wish to continue with the checkout process. The extension makes the process easier for the customers by directing them to the ‘Checkout Now’ page where they can complete their orders smoothly.

Abandoned Cart Blacklist

Blacklist feature in Magento abandoned cart email extension is for improving the customer experience where you can add particular customers’ emails to blacklist to restrict sending reminders to them. An import option is also available to fetch the list of customers who should be added to the blacklist. Finally allowing you to eliminate a number of emails from your campaigns to enhance efficiency.

Boost Sales with Coupons

It is observed that discounted codes are helpful in attracting potential customers who engage in online shopping. Adding coupons with expiration to your emails will motivate your users to complete their transaction. Customize your coupon based on the type, priority, and discount you wish to offer to various types of customer base. You can even set a minimum cart value before the coupon is enabled. Magento abandoned cart email enables administrators to create unlimited coupons with rebate codes. These coupons grab the attention of the online store visitors and allow them to complete their purchase on the abandoned item successfully.

Easy Configuration

Abandoned Cart Emails extension helps you to get rid of attempts to sort out intricate follow-up email rules and extension settings. This Magento 2 abandoned cart recovery is very easy to configure in backend with transparent parts of each function. Having a straightforward configuration and an intuitive interface, it allows you to recover abandoned cart email with just one-click, thereby scaling-up the conversion rate and multiplying sales for your store.

Email templates for Abandoned cart

This is a perfect example of an abandoned cart email with skilled copy-writing, strong CTA and personalized content.

Abandoned cart email template

Here’s another example of an abandoned cart email that lists out the cart items along with personalized content for the customer.


An abandoned cart email extension is inevitable for any B2B or B2C business to recover the lost revenue. Our Magento abandoned cart email extension will work like a charm to enhance any size of business that operates in the Magento platform. Brand loyalty and customer experience will also upsurge with personalized mail content through this extension, making way to a successful eCommerce business.

Talk to our Magento development team at DCKAP to convert your abandoned cart into valuable relationships with customers and skyrocket your sales revenue. We are more than happy to improve your business and see our clients prosper.


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