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Magento 2 Open Source vs Commerce vs Adobe Commerce Cloud

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If you are struggling to get rid of the roller coaster ride of choosing an eCommerce platform for your online store, and if you’re having Magento 2 in mind, then you have come to the right place. We are going to help you find out if Magento 2 is the right choice for you, along with helping you overcome another major hurdle of choosing the right Magento 2 edition for your business.

Why Magento 2?

Magento 2 is an eCommerce platform that has improved performance and scalability. It has advanced the checkout process, which makes it easy for people to buy from you. It is mobile friendly, which means your customers can access your website on mobile devices. It is easy to upgrade, so your ecommerce store will always stay secured and upgraded with new features, and it has a lot of key integrations (extensions) that you can use to boost your eCommerce conversions.

In a checkout scalability Stress Test Magento 2 with php 7 performs 135K orders/hr compared to the other Magento 2 with php 5.6 or M1.

Why Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration?

Many store owners and developers keep wondering what impact this new codebase will have on both website performance and implementing custom functionality with Magento 2.

The list of features available in Magento 2 are as follows:

Enhanced Performance:

1. Load Time

Magento 2 loads faster from the server. With the help of PHP7 and MySQL5.6 Magento 2 produces a faster page load using caching mechanisms, better query processing, and re-indexing (which is a process that Magento uses to ensure product data, inventory, and that the URLs are up to date after updating the products, attributes or any other part of the catalogue). The re-index system for Magento 2 is much more efficient and will have a lesser impact on website performance. Due to the faster load time, the rate of abandoned carts has been decreased.

2. Cache

Magento 2 uses Varnish cache and HTTP accelerator, which can easily cache requests. Because of this, more than one admin users can edit the eCommerce product information without any data conflict.

3. Efficient Checkout Process

Magento 2 has a two-step checkout process which improves the customer experience. It also helps in speeding up the user registration process.

Improved Admin Interface:

1. CMS Content Interface

The Content Interface has the efficiency to create content pages and CMS blocks, along with managing the style of all the pages, hence providing you with more options for content creation.

2. Admin Menu Navigation

The Menu Navigation in Magento 2 admin is more productive to use and  categorize logically. It helps the Admin and Store Managers to organize with much ease.

B2B Module

The B2B Module consists of a bunch of features in one such as:

  • Quoting
  • Company Accounts
  • Credit Lines
  • Requisition Lists
  • One to One Pricing / Shared Catalog
  • Quick Order

Content Staging and Scheduling

Content staging and scheduling are one of the most useful features in Magento 2 Commerce. It helps in changing content on the fly, where you can edit your content such as pages, products, etc., view your content changes to make sure if its correct, and schedule it to go live. This is extremely useful for promotions, or other changes you may want to make in your content. You can avoid the risk of changing content and running into issues on how it looks.

The Difference Between M1 and M2

Options M1 M2
Checkout M1 has a 6-step checkout process. Which is very hard for the user to complete the order. M2 has a 2-step checkout process which is easier for customers. Minimizes the abandoned carts. Improved Product Page/Creation Interface.
Admin Interface The interface is more confusing and hard for users. The interface is more user-friendly and easily navigable with improved customer user experience.
Load Time M1 speed is a concern for most of the customers. Speed will also impact the sales conversion. M2 site pages are more optimized which helps the site to load faster.
Mobile Friendly M1 isn’t mobile-friendly M2 is mobile-friendly, supported across all the devices and browsers.

The options available in Magento 2

Magento 2 has three different options:

    1. Magento Open Source:

  • The Free version can be downloaded and hosted on our own server.
  • Only limited features will be available.
  • It is useful for small scale and startup companies.

    2. Magento Commerce:

  • It is a Paid version with enhanced features, along with 24/7 email support.
  • It can be hosted on our own server.
  • It is useful for B2B businesses and websites which have high traffic.
  • Page Builder available with drag and drop editor options for creating and updating the site pages quickly without developer/IT support.

    3. Adobe Commerce Cloud:

Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly known as the Enterprise Cloud/Magento Commerce Cloud, is an automated hosting platform for Magento, specifically created for Cloud infrastructures. This option combines Magento Commerce and Cloud infrastructure hosting with a few differences and some added features, including Git integration and key environments for development, staging, and live production.

  • It is useful for large companies and websites with complex features.

M2 Open source vs M2 Commerce vs Adobe Commerce Cloud

S.No Features Magento 2 Open Source (Community) Magento 2 Commerce Adobe Commerce Cloud
1 Basic Catalog/Category Management Yes Yes Yes
2 Payment Methods – Paypal, Zero Subtotal, Bank Transfer, COD, PO,, Cheque/Money Order Yes Yes Yes
3 Shipping Methods – Flat rate, Table rate, Free shipping, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL Yes Yes Yes
4 Code Level Access Available Available Available
5 REST and SOAP APIs support Available Available Available
6 Multilanguage and country Support Yes Yes Yes
7 Up-sell, Cross-sell and Related products Yes Yes Yes
8 SEO Yes Yes Yes
10 Responsive theme Yes Yes Yes
11 Install of extensions Yes Yes Yes
12 Admin Intuitive Intuitive Intuitive
13 Streamlined checkout (2 Step) Yes Yes Yes
14 Advanced SEO (Like Rich Snippets) Yes Yes Yes
15 Enhanced Security updates No Yes Yes
16 Technical Support No Yes Yes
17 Advanced customer segmentation and targeting No Yes Yes
18 Powerful security features like tokenization No Yes Yes
19 Archive Orders No Yes Yes
20 Create Returns (RMA) No Yes Yes
21 Customer Segments (create groups dynamically based on attributes like DOB, Gender, date, group, store credit, address, email etc) No Yes Yes
22 Related Product Rules (Create product rules based on related attribute set, category, price) No Yes Yes
23 Gift Card Accounts No Yes Yes
24 Private Sales and Events No Yes Yes
25 Email Reminders(For abandoned cart, wish lists) No Yes Yes
26 Admin Action Logs No Yes Yes
27 Attributes( Change/add custom attributes for Customer, Customer address, returns) No Yes Yes
28 CMS Page Heirarchy No Yes Yes
29 Banners(Which can be displayed based on promo, customer groups) No Yes Yes
30 Categrory Permissions No Yes Yes
31 Performance Good Optimized Optimized
32 Reports Beginner Advanced Advanced
33 Shared Database(For better scalability) Not available Available Available
34 Instant Purchase No Yes Yes
35 Content Staging and Preview No Yes Yes
36 Visual Merchandising No Yes Yes
37 Multiple Buyers per account(B2B structure with roles and permissions for each buyer within a company account) No Yes Yes
38 Quick Order Form No Yes Yes
39 Rewards Program No Yes Yes
40 Request a quote and negotiate quotes No Yes Yes
41 Payment on Account(Buy with credit) No Yes Yes
42 Shared Catalog No Yes Yes
43 Provision for Temando Integration(For unified Shipping) No Yes Yes
44 Provision for Signifyd Fraud Protection No Yes Yes
45 Additional payment methods – Cybersource, Worldpay, eWAY No Yes Yes
46 APIs for B2B No Yes Yes
47 Magento BI Pro integration No Yes Yes
48 ECE-TOOLS Package No No Yes
49 Simplified Build deployment process No No Yes
50 Performance Boost No No Yes
51 Free Image Optimization to Increase the page speed No No Yes
52 Keeping up with PCI compliance No No Yes
53 Manage Users to Access Environments No No Yes
54 Sync code between Staging and Production No No Yes
55 Multiple Repos and Environment No No Yes
56 Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes
57 GraphQL Yes Yes Yes
58 PWA Studio Yes Yes Yes
59 Dot Digital Yes Yes Yes

To conclude, we would like you to choose the Magento 2 edition that’s best for your business. No matter what edition you choose, we hope that you’ll love the versatility of Magento 2.

Hope the article provided you with the guidance of getting what you were looking for, feel free to get back to us if you have any queries.

Originally published May 30, 2019, updated June 24, 2020.
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