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We finally had a first-hand look at the features in Magento 2 during the webinar  two weeks back. It was highly informative with respect to the new features and release schedules. However, we feel there is still a lot of room for improvement and should get better as we progress.

Once we installed Magento 2, the first to catch our eyes was the look and feel of the admin module. After navigating through few back end menus, we started creating categories and noticed that there were not many changes except the user interface in Manage Categories.

The interesting thing is that in the current Magento version (1.x), if we need to create new products.  It would be done through navigating through Catalog –> Manage Products.  However, in Magento 2, creating products would be done from Products –> Catalog.

Magento 2

When we tried to create a Product, the product name was automatically copied to the SKU field. We believe this is not necessary since many retailers would like to have a different SKU name compared to the Product name.

Magento 2 Image

What we loved was that you can now drag and drop images, change the base image and alter positions with ease. Surprisingly, we did not see any option to select thumbnails and select a small image. The time to save images has improved drastically in Magento 2 compared to the previous versions. Clicking the delete icon above the images deletes the image without a prompt. We feel that a prompt message will avoid any accidental deletions.

Another important thing we noticed is what happens when we add products to a specific category. In Magento 1.x, we would need to select the category by expanding and collapsing the category items.  In Magento 2, we can either navigate the category tree or search the category by name and assign it to the product. We can also create new categories directly from here which is a welcome change.

While creating the product, we need to go through the small expandable icons to assign the product type. Initially, we were unable to find this option but eventually the developers in the github helped us out.

Magento 2 Add Product

After creating the product, we reviewed the Promotional Rule Area and created a coupon for the shopping cart price rule. The coupon code field and estimate shipping block is collapsed in the right side which may not be visible to many users. It would be great if this block is expanded by default so that the customers are well informed about coupon codes and shipping estimates.

Magento 2 Check out

When we tried to compare items in the compare block, the interface was very slow to respond.  Hopefully these issues would be addressed in the upcoming releases. Folks who had attended the Magento 2 webinar on 18 December will be aware of the changes and release schedule of Magento 2.

That’s all I have for this week, keep watching this space for more updates as we explore more into Magento 2.

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