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Magento Code Audit – Make Sure Your Site is Healthy for the Holidays

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Jingle bells, jingle bells… yes, the holiday season is here. According to Adobe, the eCommerce revenue this holiday season will surpass $100b. For online store owners, the difference between a good sales season and a bad sales season is success and disaster.

Bad code could cripple your site and have a negative impact on your conversion rates. Performing a code audit ensures your site is stable, scalable and in the best of shape.

A code audit is like a master health checkup – it assesses the health of your Magento website and recommends action so that you can worry less about the website’s well-being and focus on growing your business.

Downtime is Expensive

  • With ever-increasing traffic expected during the holiday season, just a 2-sec delay in Checkout page alone could cost a million dollar loss to the company.
  • Even one hour of downtime due to a website outage or a malicious attack can have a significant impact on a retailer’s reputation and revenue, especially during the holidays, a time which the National Retail Federation says can add up to 40 percent of an online retailer’s annual revenue.
  • In 2013, US retailer Target discovered that the credit card details of around 40 million customers were breached between 27 November and 15 December (Holiday Season), apparently through hacked in-store point-of-sale systems.

Do You Need A Magento Code Audit?

In eCommerce, time is money. The kind of financial impact it can have is huge, particularly during the holiday season. If the answer is Yes – or ‘I don’t know,’ to any of the following questions, then you likely need a Magento code audit.

  • Is the code compliant with the Magento coding standards?
  • Has the Magento core been modified? 
  • Is PHP code included in the front-end templates?
  • Have third-party extensions been installed?
  • Have custom extensions been developed?
  • Are there any unused extensions?
  • Are there any custom JavaScripts?
  • Have the latest security patches been applied?
  • Are there legacy issues following the first phase of development from a previous site?

Benefits of Code Audit

  • Overall health report of the website
  • Determine major and minor code issues
  • Game plan to fix the issues identified
  • Roadmap to site improvements and optimization
  • Identify security loopholes and vulnerabilities
  • Guidance on following Magento best practices
  • Actionable insights on further managed services support
  • Recommendations on server configuration
  • Identify unnecessary permission to folders and files


What Is A Magento Code Audit?

A Magento Code Audit involves a deep dive into the source code of the website application to ascertain bugs/issues, security, performance, and violations of standard coding formats.The DCKAP team performing the audit will follow the PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard and PSR-2: Coding Style Guide. Magento recommends that developers who create Magento extensions and customizations also use these standards.

Usually, four levels of the audit are performed.

Code Level Audit

The code level audit is a deep dive into the following areas:

  • Magento Commercial/3rd Party Extensions
  • Magento Custom Extensions
  • Magento Core Analysis
  • Magento Cache Analysis
  • Magento Catalog Analysis

Code level Audit tool checks your code against some of the common Magento and PHP coding issues, like:

  • Raw SQL queries
  • SQL queries inside a loop
  • Direct instantiation of Mage and Enterprise classes
  • Unnecessary collection loading
  • Excessive code complexity
  • Use of dangerous functions
  • Use of PHP superglobals and many others

Performance Level Audit:

Performance Level Audit provides a report of server response time of each page, cookies usage, DOM element size, 404 pages and HTTP requests. The report usually contains recommendations to…

  • Improve the design
  • Optimize the scripts
  • Reduce HTTP requests and more

Server Level Audit:

The server level audit provides a report on Magento, PHP, Mysql, Apache/Ngnix server configuration and cache server. The server configuration is based on average and peak time server usage of the customer.

Security Level Audit:

Security level audit provides a report on Magento security patches, server-side administrator accounts, and any symptoms of common Magento hacks like unnecessary permission to folder and files and poor passwords.A report with actionable insights will be prepared, once the audit is completed. This report will prioritize the issues that need to be fixed into High, Medium, and Low levels. This report will pave the way to the next steps that need to taken by the customer to stabilize, secure and scale the website.DCKAP has 10+ years of experience in providing eCommerce solutions, and certified developers perform the Magento code audit.Prepare your Magento store for the holiday season.  Ensure you earn the trust of your customers by providing them with a seamless experience.Contact us to know more about how we can help you create holiday magic.

Get your code audit done for your Magento store from certified Magento experts at DCKAP. Let’s audit your website now!


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