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Controlling Online Brand Experience with Magento Enterprise

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Magento Enterprise Edition is the only enterprise-class eCommerce platform that delivers innovative shopping cart software with flexible features to control brand experience for shoppers and fuel success. Magento Enterprise Edition comes with all the functionality, along with the ability to integrate seamlessly with third party applications for online retailers to control the brand experience for shoppers.

Controlling brand experience increases brand awareness and is a strategic functionality of Magento. An online brand represents the intellectual and emotional associations that people make with a company, product or person. Magento takes a strategic approach to brand experience, by compelling shoppers to take productive action through integrated, coordinated planning and execution of every possible interaction that shoppers have with an online store and products. Magento helps online retailers create the kind of experience needed for shoppers with each and every interaction. The more compelling the shopping experience is, the easier it is to build brand loyalty.

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With Magento Enterprise Edition online retailers can create:

  • A branded look and feel to their online store.
  • An authentic voice for communicating with shoppers.
  • Options to influence offline buying decisions.

Magento allows retailers maximum flexibility, to control the brand experience touch points of their online store-fronts. A touch point is any place, artifact or interface where people come in contact with a brand. They are every contact points between a customer and supplier and include:

  • Product and Packaging.
  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Selling Channels.
    • Stores.
    • Catalog.
    • Website.
  • Consumer interactions with the company.
  • Consumers base offline buying decision on web based information.
    • Online customer interactions is an important element of brand awareness.
    • Control messaging with every customer interaction.
    • React quickly to buyer inputs and maximize brand experience.

Customer Touch Points:

Magento Enterprise Edition for Controlling Online Brand Experiences

The Magento Enterprise Edition has all the tools needed to control the look and feel of your online store to match with your companies branding style, in terms of:

  • Visual Presentation
    • Balance between imagery, text and white space in the website.
    • Representation of functional elements.
    • Colour, font, visual elements and iconography.
  • Writing Style that will reflect a unique authentic voice.
  • User Experience that improves online and offline buying decisions.
    • From website to local store.
    • From stores, to find product locations on your website.
  • Error free delivery to create authenticity.

Thus, Magento through its Enterprise Edition offers seamless branding experiences for shoppers and allows online retailers grow and scale up their online business.


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