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Magento Makes Shopping Easy

By |February 16, 2010 January 29th, 2022No Comments

Magento makes a lot of things easier both for the customers and for the administration.

Magento has an excellent programming structure and is able to update project codes frequently. The time taken to install these updates is less. There’s no need to go through lines and lines of codes. Other open – source shopping cart software is difficult to customize but Magento gives a whole range of possibilities for customization.

It is only the interface that makes use of versatile modular designs and this helps to create all of the modules that are needed to be created while making them customer friendly. The control over stores and sites is impressive. In fact a number of stores and websites can be controlled with just one administration panel and the updating security is easy. Magento also offers order editing and coupons, meta tags and SEO URL’s and even comparisons of products, capacity to edit order emails, reporting of abandoned shopping cart and the ability to estimate shipping without having to log in to one’s account.

Also good feedback is received from shoppers. They say that Magento helps them to easily find the product they are searching. And if they are already in the checkout process and want to order something else they do not have to leave the check out as they can see their order information and edit it from where they are. They can even ship to numerous addresses by completing just a single order. Customers really like the fact that they can make their own wish list and also are able to rate and review the products they purchased.


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