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Snippets from the 2nd Chennai Magento Meetup

March 30, 2015 |

Following the success of the First Chennai Magento Meetup, in September 2014, we were waiting for a chance to meet and connect with our fellow magento community and that happened last week in the Second Magento Meetup in Chennai organized by DCKAP.

The most encouraging part was this time the meet up had not only developers but consultants, analysts and magento enthusiasts. This mix of participants from different areas made the event special, with their wide range of inputs and suggestions.

The meetup began with an in-depth analysis on Magento B2B Ecommerce by Tamizh Selvan. With many developers who primariy concentrate on B2C aspect of magento this session provided valuable inputs regarding the nuances of B2B market and ways to handle such scenarios with Magento.

This session was followed by Hemanand’s session on Magento SEO. Some of the best practices and rules to be followed for successful SEO strategy was shared in this session.

Ramachandran provided the most intriguing session of the day which was focused on Magento ERP Integration. With many retailers focusing on Magento ERP Integration this session was the most interactive with many developers and consultants pitching in their experiences and ideas.

After that session we had a discussion which focused on the expectations from the Community on Magento 2, and a situation analysis on when a retailer should opt for community and the circumstances in which we need to upgrade themselves to Enterprise Magento. The final session of the event was on Magento Test Automation Framework by Bhavani. Her session primarily focused on the common mistakes in a Magento powered store. And how Magento Test Automation framework saves a lot of time in the regression testing process for an Agile development methodology.

On a whole this Magento meetup provided the right opportunity to share our knowledge and understand the ecommerce market from different vantage points of the participants. We take this opportunity to thank the organizers, speakers and the participants in making this meetup a grand success. Thanks to Jeff Herrera, Head of Partnership Marketing and Events team @ Magento for the support. We believe we are headed towards building a vibrant Magento Community in Chennai, India.


Ragu manages our entire Marketing activities at DCKAP. He has a firm belief that marketing should always capture the person's mind instead of merely gaining eye balls. He has a varied experience across Retail, Automobiles, Health Care and Manufacturing verticals. During his free time you can always find Ragu researching about world cinema and watching them.

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