What an incredible night for the Magento community in the Bay Area.  It’s not everyday that people from all backgrounds can come together to discuss Magento.  It was a great Pre-Imagine event to catch up with old friends, talk about current projects, and learn from other industry leaders about their current successes and pain points.  All in all, it was a great event and we look forward to the next Magento Bay Area Meetup.

We started the night by networking with fellow Magento attendees.  The venue, food, and drinks were fully sponsored by DCKAP.



Tim Diep, Regional Manager of DCKAP, started the evening with a presentation on the benefits of why a community is good.  He continued to stress the advantages of why everyone should join together, to give and receive within the Magento ecosystem.  The Magento Imagine was fast approaching and Tim stressed on the topic that Imagine was the go-to event for the year.  If you’re not at Imagine, then you’re not taking Magento seriously.

Tim on Magento Ecosystem and a Live Demo of DCKAP's Productimize

Tim on Magento Ecosystem and a Live Demo of DCKAP’s Productimize

He ended his presentation with a live demo of DCKAP’s Productimize. With Productimize, merchants will give buyers the opportunity to see instant, custom changes to their products from different colors, text logos, and many other options.  This module will give consumers a better picture of how the final product will look like, resulting in more sales for the company.  To see a live demo, please visit http://productimize.com/demo/.

Namrata Chhangani, the Business Analyst of Ranosys Technologies, spoke about the process of getting certified as a Magento Solution Specialist.  The process can be quite lengthy and challenging, so Namrata cleared up all questions.  The information that was presented was very informative as 2 or 3 attendees had the interest of becoming a Magento Solutions Specialist.  One question that came up was the key differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Namrata on Magento Solution Specialist

Namrata on Magento Solution Specialist

Luckily we had a special guest, Alan Kent, VP of Architecture at Magento Commerce join our Meetup.  He was very informative on explaining the key differences on both platforms, along with other key information on Magento.  It was truly an honor to have him make a visit.

Alan Kent - Sharing Knowledge

Alan Kent – Sharing Knowledge

Bay Area Magento Enthusiasts

Bay Area Magento Enthusiasts

Some Goodies for the Enthusiasts

Some Goodies for the Enthusiasts

We look forward to meeting more Magento folks at the next Meetup.  Please visit http://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Valley-Magento-User-Group/ for more details.


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