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Magento P21 Integration Made Easy With DCKAP Integrator

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Struggling to manage headloads of data?

The risk of errors in manual data handling is also way too high. Well, you already know it.

Here’s where complete automation and bi-directional data sync come into the picture. DCKAP Integrator promises all of these capabilities and more, making it the ideal partner for a seamless integrated eCommerce experience.

Read on to know more about optimizing your Magento P21 integration with our integration platform to save hours of your time spent in data handling.

Automate Business Operations In Just A Click With DCKAP Integrator

Bi-Directional Data Flow

Bi-directional data sync is one factor through which you and your team can escape the exhaustive manual effort. This pattern of ERP integration connects various data touchpoints of multiple systems. Just enter the data in one system and the bi-directional flow comes to the place as the same data will be automatically updated in the other system. In this way, all the connected systems will function in complete sync, while simultaneously existing as different data points.

Ensure timely update of all relevant information, leaving no space for manual errors. DCKAP Integrator gives the option of both batch-based data synchronization and dynamic/real-time synchronization. In batch-based synchronization, you can set the time schedule to execute the data sync and the latter offers real-time synchronization of data. In either case, you can enjoy bi-directional data transfer where you need to just enter the data in one of the systems and our middleware solution will take care of the rest.

Bi-directional data flow

This is just a general overview of data synchronization. We can now take a look in detail at how each process in a customer journey can work in sync.

Order Synchronization

Managing large volumes of data has always been tiresome. But identifying and rectifying errors from those bulk data is more tiresome and time-consuming.

What if you can save hours of time through error-free order synchronization?

When connected through DCKAP Integrator, all orders placed in your Magento store will be automatically updated in your P21 ERP. Offline orders will also be synched without any speed breaks. When the order is placed, the details will be reflected in both Magento and P21. Backorder sync is enabled and your customers can easily place orders without fretting over the number of stocks left. The details will be updated as and when you refill the stock levels.

Managing standing orders is more effective. Your customers can order items in bulk, which will be delivered to them periodically and you can easily handle data of such standing orders as they will be synced without any hiccups. Since the prices of all the items are already in sync, as soon as a customer requests a quote the information will be fetched from the pricing library. Synchronize all the relevant information related to order processing including invoice, order status, shipping, etc. from P21 to Magento for customers’ easy accessibility.

Order synchronization

Better Inventory Control

Keeping track of your inventory is no longer hectic with DCKAP Integrator integration. Get hold of accurate inventory count for better order management. The real-time product inventory sync to and forth your P21 ERP and Magento store eliminates the risk of underselling and overselling.

Leverage the bi-directional sync to oversee uniform inventory levels across all your systems and maintain up-to-date product availability data in your online storefront. You can also set your entire product details and catalog lists from P21 to Magento. Gain complete and quick accessibility of entire data such as the number of stocks, sold-out items, and many more across your systems uniformly.

Have better inventory control through this bird’s eye view and pre-order inventory without creating any roadblocks in your customer’s shopping experience, indirectly improving customer loyalty.

Automate Payment Processing

You can set invoices and customer payment details in sync. So once the details are filled in Magento eCommerce, they will be automatically reflected in your P21 ERP. Synchronize your credit transaction data for the timely credit sales and billing process. Customers can view the offers in pricing that you put up instantly when you make changes in any of your integrated systems. Dynamic pricing updates will also be a cakewalk with data automation. You can thus remove the burden of manually processing each invoice and charge.

As an eCommerce store owner, you would definitely have had to deal with refunds and returns. But with DCKAP Integrator, you can assess and re-update them effectively, and speed up the process to enhance your customers’ trust. Leave no space for any manual error in tax computing and provide concessions or tax waivers automatically in your online store based on tax brackets that you maintain in your ERP for various criteria.

Magento P21 eases payment processing

Automated Sync Of Customer Information

Do you find it challenging to update customer information uniformly across all systems without any errors especially while you’re dealing with a huge customer base? All you need is just one single connector that can automatically update all these heavy loads of information as and when your customers enter their details in your Magento store.

And that’s exactly what DCKAP Integrator can help you with!

Easily assess and identify your customer’s contact data straight from your Magento storefront and then it will be auto-populated in your P21 ERP and vice-versa through the bi-directional sync capabilities of DCKAP Integrator. Track customer activities seamlessly as their data and updates remain consistent across all your systems.

The customer sync will let you map the customer through P21 Customer ID either by new or existing customer creation process. The sync will further enable the transfer of customer data from Magento to P21.

Transparency In Shipping Process

A smooth shipping process awaits you where you can completely track the shipment details and automate the shipping process. You can also update tracking details and order status from P21 ERP to your Magento store that in turn shortens your shipping process. With the order processing sync, you can assess the type of the product and the quantity to be prepared for the shipment, while also gaining the exact details of the expected delivery date.

Additionally, our integration platform enables Address sync. So, if your customer adds or updates address/ship-to-address in your eCommerce front-end, the details will be automatically updated in your ERP system, ensuring the accuracy of shipping details. The Return Management Sync will take care of the information related to the returned goods as the quantity updated will be re-entered in your Magento store and other systems.

synchronization of shipping details

Acing Magento P21 Integration With DCKAP Integrator Middleware Solution

As DCKAP Integrator has always been the go-to integration platform for distributors, here’s Ryan Van Hoozer, VP of Operations at Marysville Marine Distributors, one of our valued and happy customers with his story of a successful eCommerce integration attained through our platform.


Final Thoughts

With data automation being your doorway into a successful futuristic eCommerce, optimize your distribution services with DCKAP Integrator, our integration platform. Make no mistakes with data and save hours of time to handle your eCommerce business in the best possible way. Our integration experts are here to help you out with cutting-edge solutions to cut through the competition and pave your way up for accelerated growth.

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