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The arena of eCommerce is experiencing massive changes that are eventually driving B2B/B2C merchants to go digital. The e-retail sector is expected to hit a revenue of $638 billion by 2022. In these changing times, moving to eCommerce is the best way for you to thrive. 

Setting up the online storefront alone does not ensure growth unless it is supported by a flawless eCommerce web design. Studies show that 90% of the customers will return to your website if they are guaranteed a seamless user experience through the perfect web design.

Good web design requires the best eCommerce platform to implement it. Among the numerous eCommerce platforms, Magento 2.4 tops the chart with its optimal features that provide you with the best eCommerce store that gives room for the perfect web design. 

As you read through the blog, you will get to know why web design forms the heart of your eCommerce website, and how Magento web design can be at your service in providing all the features that you dreamt of.    

Top 3 Reasons Why a Good Web Design Makes All the Difference

Exercising the power to either make or break your business, good web design is also the deciding factor that lures customers to your online storefront, increasing the possibilities for a higher conversion rate. Here lie the reasons:

Ensures Convenience 

With eCommerce gaining more attention, customers have plenty of online stores to choose from. But, what could make your eCommerce website their favorite rests with providing a convenient shopping experience that an efficient web design offers. Easy navigation, top-notch search performance, and a well-designed website ensure repeat customers with a decrease in bounce rates. An organized eCommerce website will present your business in a better light, increasing the trust factor. The responsive web design also increases your website compatibility with multiple devices ranging from desktops to mobile devices. Since the revenue from shopping via smartphone is expected to hit $420 billion by 2021, gear up your eCommerce website to hit the bull’s eye with the perfect web design.

Boost Sales

Finer web design will result in the proper management of the product catalog. You can decide where to display your products or execute your promotion strategies in such a manner that the visitors will be left with no choice than to notice them. Indirectly, this can add to their additional purchase, boosting your sales. The ideal web design utilizes color coding in various CTAs or Call To Action buttons. Hence, you can enjoy the perks of the perfect web design as you can now effectively segregate primary and secondary CTAs using different colors. So, visitors can be easily guided through your eCommerce website, luring them to be regular customers. 

Magento Web Design

Increased Trust Factor

An eCommerce website with a flawless design and pleasing aesthetics will influence the customer’s perception of your brand reputation. This benefits in enhancing the trust factor among your customers. Sales are expected to witness a boost with the increase in brand reputation, while proving that the web design has a stronghold in increasing the revenue and sales volume. An attractive and well organized online storefront will increase repeat customers. While it sets your store apart from the other competitors, you will not regret the expenditure incurred for putting up your well-designed eCommerce website as you will reap the benefits of the Return On Investments. 

Make Your eCommerce Website Conversion-Friendly With Magento Web Design

For setting up an eCommerce website, you need an exceptional eCommerce platform that could provide your dream online storefront. As you are about to dive deeper into the digital space, you are likely to be surrounded by a wide number of eCommerce platforms. But among all these options, what makes Magento web design your perfect choice that assures enhanced scalability and conversion rate of your business? 

As of June 2021, Magento has a 1.1% market share of all websites that use known content management systems. Here are some 10 significant reasons to choose Magento web design for your eCommerce storefront. 



1. Improved UI/UX

User Interface and User Experience are the heart and soul of any eCommerce website. An improved UI/UX leads to an upsurge in the conversion rate by 200% and 400% respectively. With simplicity as the key element, the UX/UI design strategy adopted by Magento paves way for easy navigation, a fully functional website, and an enhanced shopping experience. An optimal UX/UI design will eventually increase customer acquisition, automatically leading to higher conversion rates. Through Magento 2.4, you can provide an unmatched user interface, catering to the target customers. Through the effective search performance aided by Elasticsearch 7.6 which supports partial search and multilingual searches, Magento 2.4 takes the user experience to another level. With the new version, pages load faster by 43% and a quicker checkout process is enabled. Through proper sequences, Magento enhances UI/UX strategies in driving the customers to your eCommerce website by presenting an aesthetically pleasing design.  

2. Responsive Web Design

Resorting to the best responsive web design is imperative as 74% of the users are likely to return to sites that guarantee adaptability. The responsive web design of Magento 2.4 gives an unparalleled viewing experience irrespective of the wide range of devices that the customers use. Magento 2.4 has to its credit Magento Blank and Luma themes, which enhances the compatibility of your eCommerce store with mobile phones. These in-built themes serve as the foundation for your eCommerce store that is more feasible than curating your theme from scratch. You are bound to experience increased conversion rates with the seamless organization of catalog pages that could fit into any device. Moreover, Magento eCommerce development’s cross-browser services ensure good accessibility across a variety of browsers, removing any limitations to its use.

Moreover, the PWA Studio feature supported by Magento 2.4 enables the designing of app-like sites. The convenience of the users is assured through its cross-platform feature and faster loading of pages, giving reasons for them to return to your store. Even if the network is unavailable, a PWA user can easily continue exploring your business. Furthermore, your consumers will have access to all of your PWA’s modules and services. Even if you book and reserve offline, the procedure will be put on hold until the PWA is back online.

3. Easy Content Management

A strong content drives steady users to your eCommerce website. By choosing the right eCommerce platform, you can make the users see exactly what and where you want them to. With the default Magento CMS functionality, you can use CMS pages to display simple content to pages that require complex designs. Handling CMS pages in Magento does not require an expert understanding of coding or HTML. You can add text or media through a simple process. By applying the layout design and templates of your choice, you will have an upper hand in generating innovative content to increase online traffic. With the CMS pages of Magento, there is a higher chance of increasing the SEO as you have the freedom to set the URL and metadata. The unique Magento codebase will help you in developing custom made modules with which you could exercise full control over your eCommerce website and the content that it displays. Maintenance and updates of the content in Magento 2.4 are much simpler than other eCommerce platforms.

4. Advanced SEO

Since the Magento eCommerce platform is designed to improve the SEO ranking of your website, optimizing your product pages and content will come in handy. Proper optimization and advanced SEO ranking invite more customers to your website, increasing the possibilities for higher conversion rates. Apart from the in-built SEO optimization tactics, Magento 2.4 also caters to custom SEO implementation to increase your visibility in various search engines. The unique design of Magento can keep track of the visitors. This aids you to have a wider understanding of your customers more to provide a more personalized shopping experience. Such SEO-optimized websites host better functionalities than others. Additionally, a sitemap index can be put to use in your eCommerce website, and hence, through a simple process, it can be sent to various search engines. According to a recent study, 57% of the B2B merchants rely on improving SEO in generating leads and a better conversion rate.  

10 significant reasons to choose Magento web design5. Theme Customization

Magento web design equips you with customizing your eCommerce website to suit your requirements. Despite the theme customization being a time-consuming process, you can easily reap its benefits with its enhanced performance. Better user engagement and higher conversion rates are the two direct impacts of a fully customized online storefront. Magento 2.4 provides endless customization possibilities through ensuring support with the best designs and advanced functions. Numerous free or paid themes are at your service. Choosing the right theme upon which you lay the foundation of your store will further save your time. Effective customization also increases your brand reputation, calling in more customers. A customized eCommerce website can provide product information in a more structured way to the customers, improving their convenience. An organized and well-coordinated website will improve customer retention while lowering bounce rates and buying friction. While ensuring scalability, there is no better feature than theme customization of Magento that will enable you to have hands-on experience in designing the eCommerce website that is tailor-made to your business.

6. AI-Powered Personalization

With the Product Recommendations feature powered by Adobe Sensei, Magento has deployed Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to provide a personalized shopping experience to customers. Going a step higher, you can indirectly trigger customers to sort out the products they want by recommending your products that they might want to have a look at.

Magento AI features helps you:

  • Create consumer profiles in real-time.
  • Gain insights from the B2B and B2C worlds
  • Ensure high-end privacy control
  • Recommend products based on purchase history 
  • Conduct live search

This AI-powered personalization will help you in learning the shopping behavior through the machine learning algorithms. This will eventually target the right customers with the right products, guaranteeing a hike in conversion rates, better customer interaction and increased revenue. As an eCommerce platform, Magento supports nine different ‘Product Recommendation’ options including ‘Trending’, ‘Most Purchased’, and ‘Recommended for You’, which you could place on appropriate pages in your eCommerce website. As the numbers show, this feature of Magento web design successfully entices around 91% of customers to buy more. The place ‘Product Recommendation’ acquires in expanding conversion rates is second to none. By effectively utilizing this feature, your sales will skyrocket through additional purchases, upselling, and cross-selling.  

7. Multiple Storefronts with a Single Back-End

Normally, eCommerce websites have only one website on a single server, but that is not the case with Magento. Magneto users can develop specific as well as independent websites for various product categories. Through a single backend system, a Magento user may manage several websites.

This simply means Magento helps you build a localized website with multi-currency & multi-language features along with numerous styles and designs to attract clients. This functionality is ideal for shop owners who wish to extend their business, manage many stores from a single admin panel, or set up outlets in various locations.

8. RMA Extension

Customers who do not have a login can return things using an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). This is really useful for guests. Customers may quickly access and raise RMA requests by clicking on the RMA link at the top or bottom of the webpage.

Customers can utilize RMA if their orders satisfy certain criteria, such as subtotal, total weight, status, purchase point, customer group, payment method/region/country, and so on. In addition, administrators have complete control over RMA. They can set criteria for each product based on attributes such as SKU, categories, and others that will be used to create the criteria. 

9. One-Stop Check-Out Extension

1 out of every 5 shoppers abandons a cart due to a too long or complicated checkout process. With Magento, consider your cart abandonment struggle resolved. One Step Checkout is a Magento plugin that can help you enhance conversion and decrease client abandonment. When compared to the normal multi-page checkout, one-page checkout is more user-friendly. 

Not only that, but having all of the checkout procedures on a single page drastically reduces the odds of cart abandonment! 

Users will have an easier time navigating through the full process and completing the transaction without issue. Furthermore, you can streamline your checkout process and make it readily accessible by employing a Magento 2 checkout extension, so your customers don’t have to guess where they should go next.

10. Smooth Feedback Services

When it comes to purchasing a product, the first thing that everyone looks at are product reviews and ratings. Prior to making a purchase, it’s a good idea to find out whether other people are happy with the product quality, service, and store in general. Magento reviews and ratings are a great method to get honest feedback on your items, which may lead to additional purchases of those products based on overall reviews. In Magento 2, the admin panel makes it simple to handle ratings and reviews. Every time a new review is submitted, it is saved for your approval. You may, however, post your own review and establish your own rating criteria.

How To Choose the Right Magento Web Development Agency?

Your growth lies in the choice that you make. Going for the right Magento development agency is the most vital part of setting up your eCommerce website. Before you take the deep plunge, there are certain factors to consider that decide whether your Magento developers can live up to your expectations.

Look For Your Magento Solution Partner

Choosing a Magento Solution partner or Magento web designer is the first step in ensuring the scalability of your eCommerce website. The Magento Solution Partner program gives full freedom in utilizing the Magento ecosystem, thereby letting them have the upper hand in developing your eCommerce website more exceptionally than others. As opposed to others, Magento solution partners have a wider knowledge of various Magento implementations, its designs, developments, and other integration solutions. Additionally, they also offer high-quality standards that the non-partners are incapable of. The certified developers of the partner company are trained to excel in designing and developing your online storefront in the Magento eCommerce platform.

Strong Technical Portfolio

Always go for the Magento developers who have a strong portfolio. Since your eCommerce website requires a permanent footing on the digital space, make sure that the developers are well equipped in expertise to provide you with all the requirements. Look for the companies that the Magento development agency has worked with, and take a look at the work that they have done. This will help you get a better understanding of their expertise in implementing custom extensions and other functionalities. The developers with a good portfolio show their capability in the perfect execution of their projects.

Reasonable Pricing

The affordable pricing structure is one of the most basic criteria that you have to look into. Look at the pricing packages that they offer and make sure it’s not over the top. Take a look at their after-hours support while inquiring about their additional charges. Having a clear idea about the third-party extensions that they provide will also help you plan your budget accordingly. Always rely on the Magento development agency that lists out the intricate details of the expected expenditure to be incurred while undertaking a project. Also, ensure that the pricing meets the quality standards required for your Magento eCommerce store.

Maintenance Support

The work of any Magento development company does not end with the successful implementation of your eCommerce website. Providing a post-deployment service is necessary to ensure whether there is any problem with the website that is to be addressed. Look for the Magento developers that provide adequate maintenance support. If the company does provide the support, then you need not worry about the timely upgrades as their in-house developers will take care of it. Maintenance support is crucial in enhancing the smooth user experience and in increasing the performance of your eCommerce website. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Going through the testimonials and client reviews can be of great help. Testimonials give a wide picture of the way the Magento development agency functions. You can be assured that your eCommerce website is safe in their hands. A good Magento development agency prioritizes the needs of its clients rather than thrusting their ideas on them. A good review ensures this transparency relating to the nature of their interaction and work culture. 

Look for a company that has long years of experience as they will be equipped to handle uncalled problems. So, skimming through the testimonial is the best way to understand how your chosen Magento development agency converts their years of expertise into fruitful projects.  

Magento Implementation Success Stories

Howard Supply Amplified Revenue through Magento And P21 Integration

Magento eCommerce success storyHoward Supply’s income fluctuates depending on oil prices because it is a full-service oilfield supplier and service facility. When the price of oil is high, they generate revenue. With oil prices at an all-time low, they decided to diversify their market by foraying into new territory. They thought that going online and selling their items through an eCommerce website would help them further their mission.

HSCs came to DCKAP with the goal of creating a website that improves user experiences. And we assisted them in achieving their objective by creating an eCommerce website utilizing Magento 2 and Epicor P21 that fulfilled the customer’s expectations.

Magento 2 was used to create an online store for HSC. Moreover, w e linked their website with ERP Epicor P21 using our DCKAP Integrator software, allowing them to unify their online and offline channels and create a seamless omnichannel experience for their B2B clients.

Read the complete case study to know how Magento web designing & development can be made easy by choosing the right developers.

MDS HVAC powered B2B eCommerce through Magento Implementation

Magento implementation success storyMDS HVAC, a wholesale HVACR supply firm, turned to DCKAP to streamline digital transition and guarantee client retention after realizing they lacked a comprehensive eCommerce website.

We used a simple approach for an enhanced UX experience, as well as end-to-end P21 connectivity using our DCKAP Integrator integration platform, with Magento implementation striking the perfect note. Moreover, we used third-party connectors in addition to our bespoke modules to make checkout, navigation, and other tasks easier.

With Magento implementation, MDS HVAC amplified their omnichannel experience by unifying their online and offline channels. Various features like Customer Approval Login, Dynamic Customer Pricing, Request for Quote, Credit Line Offer, Multi-warehouse Inventory Sync, Store Pickup Shipping Method, MDS Truck Shipping Method, Order Processing.

DCKAP- Your Trusted Magento Solution Partner

With over 15 years of experience in the arena of digital commerce, DCKAP converts your dreams into reality. As Magento Solution Partner, our in-house Magento developers will design and develop the best eCommerce website with impeccable features that drive more customers into your store. Our expertise in delivering the right solutions reflects the successful execution of our projects. We will ensure that you host the perfect eCommerce store. With the best services offered by DCKAP, shed all your worries and dream big. 

New to Magento? Set up your store  & go live in 2 months



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