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Make Large Orders Quickly With Fast Order Shopify App

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eCommerce platforms are expected to offer full support for purchase orders, including quick re-orders for the wholesale customers to help drive repeat business. Customers always look out for ways to order without spending much of their time. Fast Order is one such Shopify app which makes it faster for your store visitors to order products quickly with great user experience.

Customers can search by SKUs and add single or multiple products to the cart. This allows the buyers to complete the entire purchase in just a couple of clicks.

Fast Order extension comprises of several essential features enhancing the online shopping experience for both B2C and B2B customers.

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Key Features

  • Fast order app allows the customer to search and add products to the cart in two clicks from the menu bar.
  • Customers can key in the SKU or Product Name in the text box and add products to cart.

Admin Features

  • Admin has the option to modify the number of product rows to be displayed.
  • Admin can set the number of characters required for product Autosuggest result listing.

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This Shopify app was published in Shopify App Store, you can find the app here.

All our extensions come with detailed installation and user guides. Our customer support team is always there on standby in case you need any help.

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