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Meet Magento India 2019

Barath Vignesh
February 7, 2019 |

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Hurray! “Meet Magento India 2019”, the very first event that I got to attend was a great one. The event that was organized by Wagento in Ahmedabad on Feb 2 and Feb 3 was a grand affair.The attendees of the event from DCKAP were Mohan Natarajan (Customer Success Manager), Abbas Ali (Associate Architect), Monika (Senior Software Engineer), Haritha (Software Engineer) and Barath (Software Engineer). Being the very first event to attend for most of us, it got us very excited. The excitement also got us to be well prepared. A special thanks to Dipthi, Srija and the entire HR team for getting our trip scheduled.

First Flight:

Apart from the event, it was also our very first flight experience for the entire team except for Mohan. Take-off and Touch-down was the most exciting part. It felt like a roller coaster ride during take-off. Later on, we landed safely in Ahmedabad.Meet Magento India 2019We checked into a hotel near the airport. After lunch, we got ourselves ready to explore Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the state where Mahatma Gandhi was born. We reached the Sabarmati riverfront, rented bicycles and had a gala day alongside the river. After the ride, we headed to a popular restaurant (Gordhan Thal) that’s known for its Gujarati cuisine. We were very eager to try out the Gujarati Thali (food). While most of the dishes tasted sweet, it was delicious. After a nice meal, we went back to our hotel to get a good night’s rest, to prepare ourselves for the big day.Meet Magento India 2019

Event day:

We got ready and reached the event venue on time. We went through the registration process, where we got to collect some cool stuff like meet-up t-shirts, backpacks and stickers. We had the opportunity to network with various Magento enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the notable people we got to network with are Vinai Kopp (Magento Expert, two-time Magento Master and Founder of and Ben Marks (Magento Evangelist, Adobe).

We had a wonderful chat with Ben Marks about the upcoming events to be organized by DCKAP.  

The event kick-started with a welcome speech from Brent & Vijay, which was later followed by the first keynote session presented by Ramadas Prabhakar (Sr. Director, Magento). Ramadas shared the features that will be added to Magento in 2019, explaining each function in detail. Some of the features that were discussed during the presentation are:

  • MFTF (Magento Functional Testing Framework)
  • Community Contribution
  • Page builder
  • Mobile experience
  • PWA and its built-in theme Venia.

Later, the PayPal keynote session was presented by Ashish Tandon (Head of Channels, PayPal) where he explained about PayPal India and also stressed that PayPal is now available in India. I found one of his quotes from the presentation to be so true, “Best experience of payment is no experience, and it should be seamless.”The sessions were split up into three different sessions that took place in three different halls. Each of us got to attend different sessions that were of interest to us.

PWA by Bhagyashree Surana:

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term used to denote a new software development methodology. Unlike traditional applications, progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and mobile applications. Bhagyashree explained about the PWA studio which was introduced in Magento 2.3 and the technologies that were involved in building the PWA Studio. Magento PWA Studio is a collection of tools that allows developers in building complex Progressive Web Applications on top of Magento 2 stores. She also spoke about the Venia theme which was specially introduced for PWA.Github link: Studio: PWA Studio has been introduced from Magento 2.3 ( To start with, we need to install PWA Studio ( Venia is the default theme provided with PWA (   Advantages of PWA:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increases Average Order Value
  • Single Web Codebase for Mobile and Desktop
  • Freedom to Deploy

Migration Case Study by Stefan Willkommer:

Stefan Willkommer (Founder & CEO, TechDivision GmbH) presented a migration (M1 to M2) project case study. I am currently working on a migration project and I was keen to learn the tips, tricks, and challenges of migration.

Magento Order Management

Philippe Bernou (Solutions Architect, Magento Services) explained how Magento Order Management can be integrated with other e-commerce platforms with the help of the APIs.

Magento Community

David Manners (Community Engineer, Magento) explained the importance of the community’s contribution to Magento. He also shared that most of the contribution/issue fixes for the last year came from the Community.How to involve in Magento community:

Meet Magento India 2019We also came across some aspirants who approached us on how to clear the certifications after seeing our tweets. They were curious to know about what DCKAP is working on and the products we build.The event ended with Ben Marks’s speech, where he explained about the Magento community meetups and events that are being conducted across the world. He also highlighted the Magento Masters, appreciating them on how they added great value to Magento.Later, Brent and Vinai Kopp announced Magento Masters awards for the year 2018. This was followed by the much expected Mocktail party.

Dinner with Magento U team:

Later in the evening, we had dinner with Richard (Head of Magento U) and Sharon. They loved our Indian food. We had some interesting conversations on business, the culture, traditions, and the diversity of India. The dinner was great and so was the conversation.Meet Magento India 2019

Day Two:

The next day (Feb 3) was Contribution Day. David Manners led the whole day, supporting around hundred new contributors like us, from setting up the fork to creating a pull request. The Contribution Engineering team was very patient, answering all the questions from the contributors. The session as a whole was a great learning experience and motivated us to contribute more to the Magento community.The contribution day was a big hit for us, where 2 out of 3 issues were solved. The day ended with some giveaways from David Manners on behalf of the Magento Contribution team.We safely reached back to Chennai with lots of learning and definite intent to contribute to Magento.Meet Magento India 2019

Take away from the event:

Following are the links which are very useful in measuring the website mobile performance and the impact it has on the revenue:

Thanks, Wagento

Barath Vignesh

With 2+ years of experience, Barath is also a Magento 2 certified professional developer. He has worked in the leading global e-commerce platforms like Magento and Hybris. He is always interested in learning newer technologies and languages. To unwind, he prefers bike rides which is one of his greatest joys and would spend his weekends with quality bike ride. Hunting new restaurants and experiencing different cuisines has become his hobby in recent times.

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