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Mobile Apps for eCommerce Stores

Bharat Kulkarni
April 1, 2022 |
Mobile Apps for eCommerce Stores - DCKAP

The Internet plays a key role in the discovery of business, especially for small and medium scale. The Internet also plays an important role in consumers’ purchase decisions. Consumers often jump into the rabbit hole of the Internet to look for products and services. Since COVID-19 hit having an online presence has been more important and effective than ever before, especially with Mobile Apps.

Shopify nearly doubled revenue since COVID-19 hit, for a lot of small and medium businesses getting their store online was the only option to survive, either they could go with amazon or create their own eCommerce Store.

Mobile Internet usage has risen to whopping traffic worldwide, according to Mobile Internet accounts for half of the web traffic, In the fourth quarter of 2021 mobile internet accounted for 54.4% of global website traffic (excluding tablets) and is been consistently hovering around 50% mark since the beginning of 2017 and consistently surpassing it in 2020.

Mobile Traffic in 2022

And when we drill deeper just to eCommerce sales data, this trend continues, mobile traffic contributes to more than 70% of sales. Emerging eCommerce should definitely concentrate on a mobile-first experience.

Due to low infrastructure, restraints, and ease of use mobile internet has been the primary source of global internet traffic and this trend seems to continue in the upcoming years.

Share of eCommerce Sales

SmartPhones are more affordable and efficient than ever before and added benefit it’s always with us, in our pockets or just arm’s reach away, making it convenient to get things done.

As mobile traffic continues to grow it’s better to get your eCommerce store mobile app.

There can be a debate on whether to opt for a mobile app or just to get your site mobile optimized, here are the advantages a mobile app provides over a mobile-optimized website.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for eCommerce Stores

1. User-Friendly Experience: Mobile Apps load content faster, and are very easy to navigate, unlike mobile optimized websites. Mobile apps store their data locally unlike websites (Note: App also retrieves data from web servers but some data is stored locally which makes a huge difference). Actions such as Add to cart and checkout are much faster in mobile apps.

2. More views and higher conversion rates: According to, app users browse products almost 286% times more than mobile web browsers, that’s a huge jump from mobile web browsers, which, in turn, gives a great exposure to your brand and products.

There’s also a huge increase in Add to cart and Purchase, this leads to an overall conversion rate of 130% which is a lot that you might be gaining once you launch your app. This puts things into a clear perspective mobile app is an advantage and powerful tool for your business that you might be missing out on.

Global Retail Conversion Funnel

3. Notifications: The mobile app provides way better notifications, App provides the ability to send notifications to users who have installed the app. In turn, giving publishers the facility to send messages to the users directly. It also adds the ability to send a custom notification when a user abandons the cart or searches for some specific products. The possibilities are limitless.

Mobile Notifications

4. Brand Presence and Competetive Advantage: If a customer has to choose between you and your competitor, having an app provides a higher probability of customers choosing you. Sure you might think your competition doesn’t have an app and you should just focus on making your website experience better, well it might be valid for the present but your goal is to be future-ready, you should always plan to be ahead of your competition not at the same level.

5. Time Spent: According to eMarketer on average users spend over 15 times more time on mobile apps when compared to mobile web browsers. (Note: this data does include streaming apps and games as well)

Mobile Internet

A mobile app clearly provided a huge advantage over a mobile-optimized website, if your store doesn’t have an app then you should definitely consider developing a mobile app.

Bharat Kulkarni

Bharat Kulkarni, a Data Scientist at DCKAP, loves working with Python. His interest lies in solving problems. Apart from being an avid reader, he is a cinephile, audiophile, and a quodophile. His hobbies include playing the guitar and ukulele, along with cycling and skateboarding.

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