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Mobile Game Development: An Introduction

August 27, 2012 |
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Mobile game development has been a consistently developing field for almost half a decade now. With growing number of mobile platforms and their capacities, games have become an integral part of a mobile device.

Game developerRegardless of a phone’s sophistication, appearance etc the most common feature every device provides its user is a platform for games. During the process of Game Development the mobile game developer should be aware of both the technical as well as the non-technical aspects. The team that is developing the application can decide on the type, graphical specs and other aspects according to the model of the mobile. The techniques used for building and strategies used for designing also changes accordingly.

The most important aspects of developing a game is the entire game plot and the game play involved. The most innovative projects are the ones which get the most number of users and more downloads. With touch screen devices abundantly available it has become easier for users to play even complex games in their phones. As developing is a very expensive process companies have started using offshore development centers too.

With the widespread users of games using the mobile platform it is estimated that the already booming profits will reach $11 Billion in 2014. This stat makes it obvious that the growing field of game development will reach a point where the profits are enormous. The number of users of mobile game development has increased threefold just in the past couple of years. The major mobile device companies for which games are being developed are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Blackberry. There are many platforms which are being used by these companies and for each platform applications have to be developed natively.

Apart from segregating these games according to the platform users tend to browse through categories too. Games are categorized in various genres namely Action, War, Strategy, Sports etc. Thus companies these days test their games and applications with seasoned professional gamers and amateur users to have an overall feedback to market their product in a better way. These are the basic steps involved in developing a mobile game for the market today.


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