iPhone5Finally the next phone of Apple has been officially named and though it is the sixth phone it has been named as iPhone 5. Thousands of guesses, rumors and speculations have been spreading amongst fans and others regarding the provisions of the new iPhone 5.

Physical Specifications

The expectations of the fans has been met as the new iPhone is 18% thinner than the older versions of iPhone and with this new measurements Apple has come up with the thinnest handset in the market today. The Retina Display has been increased to 4 inches; it was previously 3.5 inches in size which was maintained since the first iPhone.

Design Changes

The glare glitch which has been a threat to every mobile device in the planet has apparently been solved in this next generation. The touch sensors are on the screen itself in this new version which reduces the size of the phone drastically.

Long Term Evolution

This addition is not a very expected one and not something out of the box but it has raised the expectations of users and fans. The enhancement has predominantly been in the side of supporting most of the network technologies like GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, and HSPA etc. LTE has designated a single chip exclusively for voice transmission and data transfer, one chip for radio transmission, and a dynamic antenna which enables in the auto switching between antennas.


The iPhone camera has been enhanced into an 8 megapixel with the most optimal resolution of 3,264 x 2,448 pixels. The new dynamic light mode has been added to the camera and photography applications can be opened at 2.1 times faster.

The secondary front camera has also been highly enhanced which can now shoot videos in 720p resolution in High Definition and it also has a backside illuminated sensor. FaceTime still has not been an established feature but now iPhone app programmers have come up with a new version which will work over the cellular networks.

These are some of the new aspects which have been enhanced in the new iPhone 5 along with various other enhancements.


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