We had organized an event “Celebration of Five Incredible years in tech with TechCrunch at DCKAP” on June 11th, 5.30 PM! This was one of the 360 meet ups held all over the world. A bunch of passionate Crunchies, students, SMEs, entrepreneurs, tech savvy folks participated in the event. Participants showcased their products, discussed on the greatest technology trends (HTML 5, mobile, cloud computing etc) and shared business ideas!

We demonstrated our product URL Shortener – an application to shorten lengthy urls.

The event was a great success and turned out as light of reflection on new technologies.


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One thought on “Next Beacon of Light

  1. Home Based Business are increasing because of the power of the Internet.
    More and more buding entrepreneurs are starting there own business with no over heads working from the computer.
    The Internet allows you to have a world wide business overnight.

    great blog

    many thanks

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