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On Campus Direct Testing Event

August 17, 2013 |

At DCKAP, we make sure our clients are completely satisfied from initiation of project to project completion. What differentiates DCKAP from our competitors, is that we take it one step further and ensure that the website serves its main purpose. This ensures that the finished product is exactly what it was intended to be. That’s what we had done for one of our top customers, OnCampusDirect (OCD). OCD is a website portal where students at colleges all throughout the US, can come together and exchange textbooks. Instead of receiving pennies on the dollar when selling back to the bookstore, students are able to receive even more cash back when exchanging books among their peers.

To prepare for the upcoming school year, OCD and DCKAP had planned for a testing event to work out all possible bugs in the site. The event went very smooth and the participants provided great feedback on how to improve the site’s functionalities. As a token of our appreciation, we made the atmosphere very college like by providing pizza, sodas, and even had a ping pong match to close things off.

Look for the official launch of the OnCampusDirect site this fall!


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