A famous Open Source quote:

“On proprietary platforms, eventually you’ll run into ‘you can’t do that.’ On open platforms, you’ll run into ‘you have to learn more to do that.'”

Open source is a term which is normally interpreted wrongly. Most people think open source software are those which are available free and whose source code is available to the users. Apart from cost and source code there a lot of other conditions which open source software need to comply to. These include:

  • Free redistribution
  • Derived works
  • Available to everyone
  • All businesses can use them
  • Must not have restriction on other software
  • Must be technology neutral

Apart from this other advantages of using Open source Software are scalability and robustness, large support community and protection of propriety data. Open Source software generally is distributed under a license that guarantees the right to read, modify, redistribute and use the software freely. Open source software may be developed by community of programmers interested in developing a software application for a specific purpose. More and more companies enter this field and today you have open source software for almost every field from Statistics to Bioinformatics. Companies also develop open source software and a few provide services using Open Source Software. One such company is DCKAP Technologies.

Having worked in Open Source projects over the years for several of Fortune 500 companies, DCKAP has gained necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with Open Source Software. With over 250 man-years of Open Source Implementation expertise behind them, DCKAP is well adapted to face various challenges that are posed by Open Source Technology and its implementation. Different Open Source interfaces in which DCKAP has been working on recently include:

  • osCommerce
  • Magento Commerce
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress


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