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There is a misconception that Magento is only for B2C but with right configuration and perfect back office integration, Magento can support the B2B market as well. If you take a B2B website, Order Management is one of the crucial areas for both the customer and the administrator. In many cases, a B2B customer usually places orders with different vendors associated with them.

If it is a B2B store, customers expect more advanced order reports.  Due to the nature of their business, a B2B customer has a need to filter orders based on order id, product name, SKU,  zip code or city. But Magento native does not have options to filter reports based on the above parameters. To bridge this gap, DCKAP extensions team developed the extension ‘Advanced Order Search for B2B’.

magento 2 extension

Advanced Order Search for B2B – Magento 2 Extension

Advanced Order Search Magento 2 extension allows the customer to filter the orders using various options and to view the filtered orders in “My Order” page.

If the customer wants to view only the orders placed in a specific date interval, it would not be possible in the native Magento system. Advanced order search extension allows the customer to select the orders within a specific date interval.

magento 2 extension

Customers can enter their zip code and track the orders placed in that zip code. If the customer does not remember the zip code, there is an option to enter the city name. This will display all the orders placed with that particular city name in the billing address.

It is also possible to filter only the orders containing specific SKU/Product Name. In some cases, customers may not remember the product name. To address this, the extension has an option to auto-populate the product name (i.e.) if the customer starts typing the product name, it will suggest the product name based on the keyword.

Customers can also enter the specific order IDs to filter the orders.

magento 2 extension

Once the customer filters the orders, they can either download the order history as a CSV or PDF file.

Salient Features:

  • Enable/Disable the Advanced order search extension at any time from Magento admin.
  • Allow the customer to filter the orders by Order Id, Product Name, SKU, Zip Code, City and specific date range.
  • Enable/Disable the filter options on admin side (ie: Order Id, Product Name, SKU, Zip Code and City).
  • Ability to show the product suggestion when a customer enters the product name in search.
  • Enable/Disable the product name suggestion option in admin panel.
  • Enable/Disable the date range in the admin panel.
  • It allows downloading the filtered orders as a CSV or PDF file.
  • Enable/Disable the order export option on admin panel.

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