Various IT companies today in the world have changed course and one of the major reasons for this has been the breakneck advancement of the mobile platforms and Android has been one of the prominent platforms for which applications are being developed from various parts of the world.

A decade back IT solely involved in the development of software but today application development for mobiles have become an industry on its own and the potential it showcased for the developers to thrive is intense. Android app developers are growing in numbers and so is the demand for better and more efficient apps. There could already be a hundred apps in the market which are doing a single task but if an Android app developer comes up with an innovative application which can perform the task better then that application will immediately gain popularity over night. This has been something which has been experienced by individual Android app programmers who have become huge companies today.

And such growths have projected such a potential for the Android market for each and every Android app programmer to utilize. Applications are being used to perform even the smallest of works people used to do manually such as searching for eateries in a location, calculating the distance they have travelled etc. These habits of masses has made it possible for small time Android app developers to come into play and develop simple applications which do simple tasks which make life easier for people. These types of applications are expected to be simple and the users are not looking for intricate sophisticated apps for these tasks but the content delivered should be legible and fast.

Understanding such key aspects of application development is much needed by the programmer and when that is done then the process of development becomes streamlined and organized which makes an application a winner.


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