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Hassle-free data management through PIM

Muthukumar Kannan
March 12, 2019 |

Imagine having the power to manage and store huge data without any hassle, along with additional security. Well, PIM does all that for you. You don’t have to worry about the overload of product information in eCommerce anymore, because PIM will churn out all the information for you. 

What is PIM?

PIM (Product Information Management) is the place to centralize your product information, which helps in handling and manipulating a large amount of data such as product attributes, multimedia files, etc. It is more of a challenging task to manage these large amounts of data in eCommerce. PIM maintains those massive amounts of records without any difficulties, and with more security at the same time.

The product information to be maintained are

Essential Product Data

Product name, SKUs, description, manufacturer data.

Product Sales Information

Price and quantity.

Category and Relationship

Categories, attributes or variants, and product groups.

Digital Assets

Product images, audios, videos, documents and, etc.


Measurements, materials, ingredients, warranties

Channel-Specific Information

Google feeds, mobile description, optimized media for mobile.

Localized Information

Multi-lingual copy, translations.

Marketing Data

Meta keywords, meta URL, SEO elements and, etc.

Product Information Management

PIM has made the following things easy

  •    Centralize product data
  •    Increase productivity
  •    Maintain the categories
  •    Generate the custom product feed
  •    Simplify translation and localization
  •    Take omnichannel from buzzword to reality
  •    Increase sales conversion rates
  •    Easy to communicate with eCommerce platform (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc).
  •    Easy to maintain product attributes
  •    An easy way to interact with ERP and other third-parties

The type of companies that can use PIM

  • Has a large number of products to maintain.
  • Collecting data from multiple distributors or ERP.
  • Has multiple eCommerce stores.
  • Sells products through multiple channels (like the marketplace, eCommerce, print catalogs).
  • Needs precise product information to be available for multiple teams.
  • Needs to integrate data with third-parties API (like OMX, Shipper HQ)

PIM is a boon to the eCommerce industry. It helps a number of eCommerce stores by managing large amounts of data with ease. Through PIM you can focus on the other essential aspects of your business, without having to worry about the overload of information.

FlexiPIM – Coming Soon!

It gives us immense pleasure to announce our new product FlexiPIM, which is currently in progress and will be released soon. It will help the distributors in sharing the data to multiple stores, without needing to migrate the data into all the eCommerce sites, where they can send the request via API, and FlexiPIM will automatically reply with an appropriate response. It will be performing independently. This is not just for eCommerce, but we can also communicate with ERP, mobile application, market places, print catalogs, and third-party.

Muthukumar Kannan

Muthukumar Kannan AKA Kmg Kumar, a Product Associate at DCKAP, is a passionate Laravel developer. He is a core flexiPIM developer who loves playing cricket and online games.

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