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For a minute, close your eyes and think about your most memorable experience in your life. What comes to your mind? In an instant, your mind transports you to the time and place of the experience, enriching it with the collage of emotions, sounds, colors and tastes that made it memorable.

You are in a time warp as your mind relives and visualizes those moments. You immerse yourself in the richness of your visualization.

When customers buy your products, particularly apparels, luxury or fashion accessories, they visualize themselves in them. If they are happy and satisfied with what they see in that visualization, they will buy your products.

If you can help your customer in creating a positive image through visualization, your sale is 90% done.

Product Visualizer does just that. It helps your customers to customize products that suit them best through the power of visuals that are generated dynamically.

Product Visualizer is like a virtual trial room with a magical mirror that allows the customers to try out different options of the product. It is a powerful product configurator, which allows customers to tailor their products online prior to order.

Product Visualizer allows your customers to see the implications of their choices, giving them greater confidence in their buying decision.

The product configurator module can be readily integrated with your Magento eCommerce store.

Admin Features:
  • Simple to understand and well organized backend functionalities. No coding skills required at any point.
  • Admin user can define and save each product’s customization attributes in the Magento library.
  • These defined attributes can be updated or removed based on the product stock availability.
  • Custom pricing option – you can classify price for each element applied in the customization and increase the final designed product price if needed.
  • Product preview area can be positioned easily with drag option and also adjust canvas area height and width effortlessly. 


Front-end Features: 

  • Customers are provided the option to personalize the products they purchase.
  • Customers can customize and design their final product using the attributes defined in Magento admin.
  • Customers can be given the choice to apply colors to individual product layers using the color picker tool or simply give them one or multiple pre-determined colors to choose from.
  • Customers can have multiple views of their designed product.
Product Visualizer
  • Enables a swift understanding of the product
  • Aids in quick decision making
  • Helps close sales faster
  • Simplify communication (a picture is worth a thousand words)
Mohammed Anees

Author Mohammed Anees

Anees has around 10 years of experience in Web development and a Certified Magento Solution Specialist. Expertise in bridging the gap between Business needs and Technical Solutions. Delivered many e-commerce websites including Magento Enterprise for various clients.

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