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Ruby on Rails Development Expected to Get Advanced with Updates

By |March 18, 2013 January 30th, 2022No Comments

Web developers have been following the updates of Ruby on Rails development since its arrival and by following the wagon the developments which have happened have also been significant. The excellence of its structure and the efficient built-in features has made the platform sustain as one of the best web development arenas.

With the Ruby on Rails 4.0 version being the talk amongst the developers the expectations of it are also high. The ruby on rails developers with the access to the beta versions have already started expressing their excitement about using the full version and developing projects using the platform with all the advanced features and enhancements. Right now every ruby on rails developer is now waiting for the complete version of the platform and it is believed that with the updated version the projects that are developed will be more efficient and futuristic.

The following are expected to be the strong points on the update which is expected of the Ruby on Rails platform:

  • Strong parameters
  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Caching improvement
  • Queue API

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The latest version of RoR will only support Ruby from the version 1.9.3 and above. Though this change has been seen as mandatory it has not come off as uncomfortable for the ruby on rails programmers. The parameters which are getting updated offer a new advancement of filtering parameters which are only required for the project.

With such advancements and efficiencies being added to the already strong system used by a Ruby on Rails programmer, customizing developments for businesses accordingly should also be simpler to achieve. The logical part of the platform has been utilized by the developers to the maximum extent to reduce the time taken for them to complete their projects and with the upcoming version of the platform it is expected to be done even more efficiently.


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