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SEO Solutions Using Joomla

August 21, 2012 |
DCKAP ecommerce

joomlaOne important aspect that Joomla lacks is being search engine friendly. Joomla developers after building the website this aspect has to be improved too. The first thing a Joomla developer has to notice after developing a site using Joomla is the URL.

URLs Joomla provides by default are not search engine friendly. Those URLs consists of parameters and queries from development and does not help search engines to index the site properly. When a single page is optimized by a Joomla programmer then it has to be checked if the URL for the site is given properly. There is no URL naming convention specifically which a Joomla developer can follow. But if a URL is uniquely named with keywords, meaningful and instructive words with a “.html” extension, then it can be a very effective URL for SEO.

The normal Joomla error page is a default 404 page which has a small description of the error and the link to the homepage. Instead of having a plain error page the Joomla programmers can add a plug-in or a small module to it. The main task of this plug-in or module will be to re-direct the user back to one of the pages in that website itself.  If this also seems to be an inefficient solution for the developer then a search form can be introduced for the user to get into a working part of the site. These tactics are advised to be employed by Joomla developers to help the users from getting frustrated by the error page.

The monotonous usage of metadata description also hinders the process of Search Engine Optimization to a very large extent. Joomla developers tend to unchanged the default metadata description provided by Joomla, which in most cases the same for all pages. Joomla programmers should designate separate keywords for each page according to the content the page has. Global configuration for a site can be used but each article entered in the site has to be given descriptions.

These are some tips that can be followed by Joomla developers in order to increase number of visitors to the pages they develop. As it is always better to maintain a page which is used by people rather than maintaining a page just for the sake of it.


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