The world of eCommerce can feel overwhelmingly big, but the truth is there’s plenty of friendly faces behind the scenes. On December 5th, we joined a Shopify Meetup in Culver City, CA on what felt like one of the coldest SoCal days of the year– but the vibes were nothing but warm.

We met up with our fellow Shopify colleagues and Shopify Partners, Justin Hong and Eddie Hsieh at the gastropub, Public School to mingle and network. The group was intimate but brought people together from all experience levels from recent college graduates to industry experts to casually interact and keep warm over some drinks.

shopify plus

It was great to connect with our local entrepreneurial Shopify community, all whom shared great insight, good humor and were eager to build new relationships and help one another out in the competitive eCommerce landscape. We enjoy being a part of the close-knit Shopify ecosystem and look forward to the exciting journey ahead.


  • Andrea Sanchez

    Andrea is a graphic designer at DCKAP based in Los Angeles with 5+ years in the retail/e-commerce industry. She loves learning from the world, both behind and away from the screen.


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