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Smart Tools for Serene Android Application Development

By November 9, 2012January 30th, 2022No Comments

AndroidAndroid applications can get better when developed while using the tools provided by the Android Software development kit. The Android development kit is also easily affordable by even amateur developers.

Eclipse provides the Android app developers with tools which enhances the process of application development. SDK can be explored by the Android app developer to find more tools for enhancing the process. Automation can also be done using these tools utilized from the Software development kit and the most important aspect of protecting the application from piracy.

There are various third party tools and their versions for enhancing the device’s performance. Android Virtual Device Manager is such a tool which eliminates the need of an Android based device completely. Such a device’s environment can be experience using this tool through a desktop computer itself. An Android app programmer can use this tool to emulate Android devices to his platform without actually owning a device. Using this tool debugging and integration testing can be done very easily.

During the process of Android application development the process of debugging gets complicated as different devices need different types of debugging processes. The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server is one such utility which consists of tools which makes the process of debugging comparatively simple for the Android app programmer. Different parts of an application such as memory, monitoring, execution can be debugged using this utility as a developer can find a debugging tool for any action.

Another significant tool which comes in handy while developing an application is the Hierarchy View. This tool helps the developer to view the application being developed as components in a hierarchical view. This makes it significantly simpler for the developer to debug the application without many complexities.


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