DCKAP is a pioneer in organizing Magento meetups in Chennai, India (South). The 7th Chennai Magento Meetup (22nd, July) was organized by DCKAP and sponsored by dZine-Hub.

Thank you, dZine-Hub.  dckap

Compared to previous meetups, the RSVPs for this meetup were really encouraging. There was an obvious change after Magento came to India and organized Magento Live in Bangalore. They created awareness across India about meetups and the advantages of attending them. 

Registration opened up at 9 AM IST and 25 Magento enthusiasts turned up for the meetup.


Registration in Progress at dZine-Hub for the 7th Chennai Magento Meetup

The meetup started with the networking session followed by a presentation on ‘SMEs and Magento Partners – How to Instill Synergy?” by Abbas Tharkar, Director, and CEO, Dzine-Hub. He spoke in detail about the partnership between clients and agencies and solutions expected by the clients from the agencies. He also explained about various Payment, Shipment, Inventory management, Multichannel and order processing methods.


The next session was on ‘Magento2 Coding Standards’ by Suresh Selvam, Technical Architect from DCKAP. Suresh is a Magento B2B and B2C projects veteran and has experience in Magento 2 B2B implementations. He shared his experience and below is the summary of his presentation…

  • How Magento Marketplace validates the codes?
  • Code demarcation standard
  • PHP coding standards
  • Importance of PHP codesniffers
  • Javascript/LESS coding standards
  • Magento Extensions Quality Program

‘Magento2 coding standards’ by Suresh Selvam, Technical Architect from DCKAP

After the tea break, the next session was on the ‘Future of Shopping’, a presentation by Shiva Kumaar, Strategic Account Manager, Productimize. The focus of the presentation was on mass customization, the advantages of customers designing their own products, and how Productimize can help ride the customization wave. Shiva elaborated further on the features and the platforms supported by Productimize. He also touched upon QA Touch, the new test management product from DCKAP.


The Q&A session was engaging and lively with a lot of thought-provoking questions. The audience was as knowledgeable as the speakers. This was followed by another networking session where the participants discussed Magento 2, its new B2B features,  and their implementation experiences.

Thanks to everyone and the sponsor, dZine-Hub. 

Our next Chennai Magento meetup is on 26th August 2017. We will keep you posted on the registration soon. Please subscribe to our blogs to more about this.

If you are interested in sponsoring our next meet up or if you are looking for a platform to give a business or technical presentation on Magento, please drop an email to Mohan at magento@dckap.com

Chennai Magento Meetup has 439 Magento members. Network with the Magento Gurus by joining the group – https://www.meetup.com/Chennai-Magento-Meetup/

Meetup photos – https://www.meetup.com/Chennai-Magento-Meetup/events/241112240/

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