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Snippets from UXIndia 2015

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UXIndia presented India’s biggest international conference on User Experience Design at Bangalore on 5th, 6th, 7th October 2015. This conference  organized by UMO ( had a mix of inspirational talks, panel discussions and workshops by leading design experts.

Bapu Kaladhar (Founder of UXINDIA) kicked off the conference by sharing his early experience in UXINDIA and the “Business of Design”. This was followed by the first keynote session by Daniel Szuc (Principal Consultant at Apogee, Hongkong) on the topic “Designing meaningful project work – from sleepwalking to sparkle”, Key points: Our ability to deliver a meaningful project by overcoming frustrations in work.

After a small coffee break, we jumped to workshop “UX Strategy is a Business, How?” by Hitesh Ruwala (Business head of Endeavour Interactive). The key point of this workshop is to drive strategic discussion focusing on how user needs to inspire product innovation for business objectives.Knowledge gained from this session, on how to meet the user expectations in digital solutions by integrating UX design with overall organization’s strategy, was an eye opener.

In the afternoon session we had a workshop on “Design process – Designing meaningful project sleepwalking to sparkle” by Daniel Szuc. An intriguing question from this session was, Is everyone a designer? Every person in organization believe themselves as designers, which will cause designer’s common difficulty for frustration in the design process .

Second day of conference started with Bapu Kaladhar’s remarks. Followed by the first and interesting keynote by Srinivas Mohan (Indian Artists Computer Graphics Pvt, Ltd.,) sharing his great experience of creating a scene graphically by making it visually natural. He shared his experience how the input given by the director should be graphically shown as output, by thinking in viewer’s perspective.

In the afternoon we had a workshop in “Design process” by Adam Egger (Director of UX at Software AG). Adam showed everyone how three small changes in the development process can have a huge impact in product quality. He shared few techniques on how easily UX Designers can present their ideas instead wasting the time on learning new software or using higher end tools for wire framing. For example designers in Google use PowerPoint as their tool for creating and presenting wireframes, since PPT contains pre stored web elements. The workshop was great learning how to have fun while we work.

After having fun in the workshop, we had an awesome lunch accompanied with yummy rasmalai and pastries.

In the afternoon session on we had a 18 min TED talk on “Designing for digital life” by Satish Patil (Chief Designer, Tata Elxsi, India). He made us feel the value of design and how important it is in our day to day life. Today users are experiencing numerous design interfaces without ever realizing, let it be a microwave, washingmachine, mobile phones, television, etc., A day of a customer starts from digital instruments and ends with it.

Final day was the conference day of UXIndia. Starting with the opening remarks by Bapu Kaladhar, followed by keynote talks on topics like “Change three little things to create products that everybody like”, “Embracing team approach to Research in an agile world” and “The Business of Design”.

After a small coffee break we had a panel discussion on “IA Fusion”. The panel provided excellent thoughts on bridging the gap between Industry and Academia in UX. In the afternoon session we had another panel discussion on “Rise of design Entrepreneur”. Success of startups such as SlideShare, AirBnb, etc., was shared by Ranjeet Kumar Tayi (Lead UX Designer, Informatica).

After three days of workshops, keynotes and panel discussions, we believe UX has finally arrived. Organizations across India have realised the potential of UX on how it can make or break a product. At the end of three days we feel overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and exposure we had in the UX space. Our thanks to UMO for organizing a brilliant conference, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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