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Staying Up To Date on Rails

By |June 21, 2011 January 29th, 2022No Comments

Web Applications Development in Ruby on Rails Most Recent Version!

Rails is constantly evolving. It is staying agile and always improving on itself. Today, Rails is a mature framework. DCKAP has built a formidable team of developers trained at the moving target.

We keep up with the latest version of Ruby on Rails. Our development team keeps pace with the ascending technologies of the Rails ecosystem, deploying the most recent releases following up on the latest libraries and news from the Rails world.

Rails 3.0.9 Released

Ruby on Rails version 3.0.9 has been announced as ‘Nordic Edition’ on June 16, 2011.

Major Changes

The major changes in this release of Rails are bug fixes surrounding modifications to SafeBuffer strings. Rails 3 automatically cleans up any content that does not originate from within Rails. Rails uses the SafeBuffer subclass of String for its internal String literals. SafeBuffer will cleanup any regular String joined onto the SafeBuffer.

Ruby on Rails at DCKAP

DCKAP’s Ruby on Rails team has evolved into an experienced and capable group. The over 50 professionals of the group have gained real-world web application experience in development, customization, deployment, maintenance and upgradation/ feature enhancement and enrichment. DCKAP has successfully worked with discerning clients from diverse industry verticals, especially the small medium businesses.

Ruby on Rails is a popular and powerful option for rapidly creating high-quality web applications. Rails is a Ruby web development framework that includes a template engine, controller framework and object-relational mapping package. It provides the tools needed to develop web-applications that can run on CGI, FastCGI and on the mod_ruby. Rails gives the developer a pure-Ruby development environment. Powerful web applications that would otherwise take weeks or months can be produced in days using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Twitter, Github, Groupon, Shopify, YellowPages and many other small to large companies have deployed Ruby on Rails.


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