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The Adobe Flash Uprising

By |August 24, 2012 January 30th, 2022No Comments

adobe-flashThe evolution of Flash is intricate as well as vast. It has revolutionized the way websites look these days and it has enhanced the technology involved in designing a website.

During the Windows 95 period websites did not look as attractive and informative as they do today. The main reason for this was the limitations of HTML and graphical provisions back then. With the available techniques the web designers back then were able to add only the necessary details to a webpage.

Revolution of Flash

To combat this problem of monotony in website developers and designers were waiting for a platform which concentrated more on integrating interactivity and media content. This need was satisfied by Macromedia which introduced Flash to the market. There other Flash entities available in the market for Flash developers to utilize even if they are working on a different platform now. The currently present level of interactivity in websites was mainly revolutionized by Flash.

Simpler Compatibility Aspect

Flash content can be view by users in any browser by installing the Flash player add-on to it. This is not a very complicated or a tedious process. Once a user accesses a website which consists of Flash entities, the browser automatically prompts for the user to download the Flash Player. Within a few clicks the user will be able to download and install the plug-in to the browser. Flash developers are a major reason for this simplicity too, as they develop the websites with such complicated constraints. Cross platform performance of Flash is incredibly efficient thus Flash programmers have the freedom to design and develop sites with ease. Flash versions are available for all major Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Superior Graphical Presentation

Even with declining number of Flash programmers there are quite many developers using Flash for their basic programming. As the platform provides numerous programming possibilities, it becomes very simple for a programmer to develop a prototype. With the growing number of technologies it has become highly simple for an amateur designer to design a sophisticated website when compared with developers some years back. Thus technologies will keep coming and going out of the market but only few will have the ability to revolutionize it. Flash was one such technology which stormed the market and set a trend that will be followed for years.


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