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The Advantage of DCKAP’s Stock Notification Extension

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Enriching the Purchase Experience

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of finding out that your favorite product is sold out, especially when you needed it the most? When it comes to your customers, this situation means more than just a passing disappointment, it means a loss of important business and perhaps even your customer’s loyalty. Without a way of knowing when the product will be back in stock, customers are more likely to shop somewhere else. If you’ve ever been in this type of situation, then you’ll understand how invaluable a feature like stock notifications can be. At DCKAP, we offer an expedient extension to handle this very thing. Our ‘Stock Notification’ extension makes it easy for your customers to subscribe to notification emails with a direct link to your product page, so they can immediately make a purchase when the product is up for sale again.


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When customers shop online, they likely do so for the convenience above all else. Customers appreciate it when their favorite items are easily available and regularly in stock. Inventory is one of the most important aspects of your online store, and making sure that customers have a convenient way to replenish their products is just as important. This is where ‘Stock Notification’ comes in.

Stock Notification

When an item in your store is out of stock, the extension allows the customer to enter their email address for direct notification when the inventory becomes available again. They will be notified as soon as the item is replenished and they can order it immediately, simplifying the entire shopping experience.

BottleStoreLogo has the largest inventory of wholesale and bulk containers for every industry. They showcase the largest assortment of glass, plastic, and metal containers online. With this status comes a lot of customer traffic. Therefore, their inventory is vital to a positive customer experience. They put their trust in the ‘Stock Notification’ extension to help bridge the gap between inventory and customer satisfaction.

Online stores like continue to see the benefit of using ‘Stock Notification’ on their product pages. Positive reviews like the one below show the kind of difference DCKAP’s extension can make for the customer experience.


BottleStore has a long history of satisfying customers in the packaging industry, as part of the O.Berk company which was founded in 1910. Whether it be bottles, spice containers, candle jars, or essential oil bottles, the products on are priced competitively to fit every budget. Visit them online to find affordable packaging containers for every kind of need.

DCKAP strives to enrich the purchasing experience no matter the product. Reach out to our team at the DCKAP Store for more information and to find out what this extension can mean for the success of your Magento online store.

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