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The Power Of Simplicity in UI/UX

March 7, 2014 |

In the late nineties, when Edward de Bono, who is deemed as father of Lateral Thinking, wrote about the power of simplicity, majority of our websites were in a clutter. Every possible space in the websites was filled with data, it was time when more was considered good and simplicity was considered naive.

But now in the connected world being simple is the next big phenomenon when it comes to UI design or User Experience. Majority of the websites and apps are moving towards a flat, simpler design.

Websites with clear navigation, zero clutter, sharp typography and logos are invading the web space in a huge way. In addition majority of the traditional websites who were successful are also adopting lighter version, where most of the unwanted features are stripped off just to have the basic workflows. The mobile version of many websites use this feature for a faster browsing and an easy navigation.

The concept of Simplicity has also grown in the app space in a big way. The recent viral sensation FlappyBird is a biggest example of what very simpler design can do.

Flappy Bird

Consider this new trending app known as “Secret” which lets you share your secrets anonymously. The user interface in “Secret” was pretty straightforward no unwanted buttons, images, just plain, flat and simple.

Secret AppSecret App

Apart from apps and websites the concept of a simpler user interface has a huge potential in wearable products and consumer electronics

Have a look at the below video where the whole car dashboard is made simpler just by a simple touch

Consumer Electronics and Home Automation is termed as the next frontier for User Experience.  Refrigerators which can be controlled through our mobile phones to digital dashboards in Dishwashers are the future for simplistic design.

These examples are just a beginning of a transition from a period where we use a technology to a timeline where we experience technology. The best way for companies to stay ahead now is to stay simple!!!


Ragu manages our entire Marketing activities at DCKAP. He has a firm belief that marketing should always capture the person's mind instead of merely gaining eye balls. He has a varied experience across Retail, Automobiles, Health Care and Manufacturing verticals. During his free time you can always find Ragu researching about world cinema and watching them.

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