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Tools Enhancing the Development Experience of Flex Developers

August 13, 2012 |
Web Development

FlexThe Flex Builder is the tool used by all Flex programmers which is used to build Flex applications. These tools are extensive and powerful which enhances the Flex developer’s process of developing an application.

Languages in Flex

Flex developers use multiple languages for developing applications using the Flex technology. The two basic languages being used are Action Script, which is the scripting language and MXML which is the Mark-up language. MXML is very similar to HTML and Flex developers with HTML experience find it very simple to use the MXML language and develop using it.

The Framework of Flex

The Flex Software Development Kit or the Flex Framework is a set of User Interface entities such as lists, buttons, and charts which help the Flex programmers to build Rich Internet Applications. Most part of the Flex Software Development Kit is Open Source which helps many Flex developers from all over the world to use the technology without spending much for their projects.

Flex platform provides an additional view to the Source mode which is the Design Mode. This mode enables the Flex developers to view the Flex application design after it is completed and made to run. This helps largely as even minute errors or bugs in the application may be prominently evident in the Design Mode.

Flex developers can easily toggle between the Source mode and the Design mode clicking on the Tabs which are available in the upper left toolbar. The options present in the Design mode are also extremely user friendly as basic actions such as dragging and dropping objects, hovering the pointer over objects etc are made use of, and this saves a lot of time for the Flex developers. These basic actions enable the Flex programmers to add or remove objects from and to a form.

The Flex Builder in an all-in-one tool for the Flex programmers which helps the Flex developers to Run, Write and debug a script within itself. Whenever a Flex programmer builds a project it is that the compiler has to get invoked, this is done to compile the code and check it for errors. And if the Flex developer finds an error or a bug then the project has to be re-built and then compiled again.

These are some of the numerous tools present in the Flex technology which helps to develop Rich Internet Applications in a very rapid pace.


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